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 === Upcoming conferences === === Upcoming conferences ===
   * Eighth conference   * Eighth conference
-Oslo27th October 2020, at the National Library of Norway. ​See this {{ :​collaboration:​manuscriptexperts:​working_with_letters_cfp.pdf |call for papers}} ​(**deadline 1 March 2020**)There will be a meeting of the Manuscript Librarians Working Group at the National Library of Norway on Monday 26 October, 11:00-18:00. More information to come.\\+The eight conference was planned to take place in Oslo on 27th October 2020, at the National Library of Norway. ​The response to the {{ :​collaboration:​manuscriptexperts:​working_with_letters_cfp.pdf |call for papers}} ​was greatHowever, it will not be possible to have the event in 2002, and the organisors have decided to postpone the conference. They will consult with those who have proposed ​paper, to determine a new date.\\ 
 +There meeting of the Manuscript Librarians Working Group scheduled for Monday 26 October ​will now take place as an online meeting. More information to come.\\
   * Ninth conference   * Ninth conference
 London, 2022, at the British Library London, 2022, at the British Library
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