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Joining CERL

The Consortium of European Research Libraries is a company limited by guarantee, incorporated in Ireland. All full members (including Group members and Special members) of the Consortium are partners in the company. Partners (or members) have accepted the Articles of Association and the Memorandum of Association (see Legal Documents) and have agreed jointly to fund the company by accepting the Funding Agreement committing to pay an annual contribution, at a rate established by the members in their Annual General Meeting, for the current three-year funding period (or for the remainder of the current funding period if joining after the start of the funding period).

For a detailed formal account of the organisation see Rules and Regulations.

Membership of the Consortium is open to libraries and other organisations anywhere in the world. The Consortium has developed several Categories of Membership. All forms of membership are subject to approval by the Board of Directors.

Application procedure

For further information about the process of application for membership of CERL,

Application forms for Membership

Application forms for membership can be downloaded here:

The completed form should be sent to the Secretary at CERL’s Dublin office:

Dr Cristina Dondi
Company Secretary
Consortium of European Research Libraries
Marsh’s Library
St Patrick’s Close
E-mail: c.dondi@cerl.org

After approval by the Board of Directors, an invoice will be sent for the first year’s membership fee.

Forms for renewal of Membership

Forms for renewal of membership for the 2009-2012 Funding Periods can be downloaded here:

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