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Application procedure

Membership of CERL

You are invited to contact the Secretariat to discuss an application for membership of the Consortium.

  1. The Letter of Application for Single Membership or Special Membership of CERL summarises the principal benefits and commitments which members of the Consortium enter into on signing the letter.
    Please sign and date this letter and send it back to the Secretariat in London.
    (For other forms of membership, please consult the Secretariat.)
  2. If your administration requires the Consortium and the new member jointly to sign a copy of the full Funding Agreement document and/or the list of members currently participating in the Consortium, the Secretary of CERL will be very happy to do this.
  3. You are advised to print and retain a copy of the current Funding Agreement as part of the documentation of your membership. The Funding Agreement document can be downloaded from the CERL web site under the heading Legal documents.
  4. On receipt of the letter of application, the Secretary of CERL will ask the Consortium’s Board of Directors to approve the application for membership.
  5. You will receive an invoice for the first year’s membership fee.
  6. When the Directors of CERL have approved your Letter of Application and payment of the first invoice has been received, the Secretariat will issue a Certificate of Membership and you will be sent details of the accounts, passwords and other technical information needed to access the databases which are made available to CERL members.

Please contact the Secretariat if there is any other information which you require.

Dr Cristina Dondi
Company Secretary
Consortium of European Research Libraries
Marsh’s Library
St Patrick’s Close
E-mail: c.dondi@cerl.org
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