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 === Upcoming conferences === === Upcoming conferences ===
   * Eighth conference   * Eighth conference
-Oslo27th October 2020, at the National Library of Norway. ​See this {{ :​collaboration:​manuscriptexperts:​working_with_letters_cfp.pdf |call for papers}} (**deadline 1 March 2020**)There will be a meeting of the Manuscript Librarians Working Group at the National Library of Norway on Monday 26 October, ​11:00-18:00More information to come.\\+The eight conference was planned to take place in Oslo on 27th October 2020, at the National Library of Norway. ​The response to the call for papers ​was greatHowever, it will not be possible to have the event in 2020, and the organisors have decided to postpone the conference til the autumn of 2021. They will consult with those who have proposed ​paper, to determine if a new call for papers is needed. 
 +The meeting of the Manuscript Librarians Working Group scheduled for Monday 26 October ​will now take place as an online meeting in two sessionsfrom 1000-1200 CET and from 1400-1500 CETOnce completed, the agenda will be made available here.\\ 
   * Ninth conference   * Ninth conference
 London, 2022, at the British Library London, 2022, at the British Library
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