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 Adrian Edwards, British Library Adrian Edwards, British Library
 {{ :​collaboration:​security:​ae_colln_sec_exhibtns_at_bl.pptx |Collection Security and Exhibition Work at the British Library}} {{ :​collaboration:​security:​ae_colln_sec_exhibtns_at_bl.pptx |Collection Security and Exhibition Work at the British Library}}
 Angela Dellebeke, Nationaal Archief, The Netherlands Angela Dellebeke, Nationaal Archief, The Netherlands
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 {{ :​collaboration:​security:​ppt_-_nina_k_cerl_summer_school_-_major_thefts.pdf |Major Thefts}} {{ :​collaboration:​security:​ppt_-_nina_k_cerl_summer_school_-_major_thefts.pdf |Major Thefts}}
 +Fabio Massimo Bertolo, eneral manager of Finarte-Minerva Auctions
 +{{:​collaboration:​security:​fmb_cerl_nazionale_di_roma_5_sett_2018.pdf|Antiquarian market and book trade; Cooperation between Institutions,​ Auction houses and antiquarian world}}
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