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-====== Quick Audit Tool (QAT) ======+====== ​CERL Quick Audit Tool (QAT) ====== 
 +{{ :​collaboration:​quick_audit_tool_booklet_-_cover.png?​95|}} 
 +The Quick Audit Tool (QAT) (2nd edition - November 2019) aims to raise awareness of a speedy way for any library/​archive to see how their collection security policies and procedures compare against a baseline set by CERL institutions,​ both big and small, represented in the Security Working Group. Furthermore it provides guidelines and useful tips.\\ 
 +Two formats are available: to be printed as a {{ :​collaboration:​quickaudittoolbooklet_ed_2_print_version_final.pdf |booklet}} or to be consulted on {{ :​collaboration:​quickaudittoolbooklet_ed_2_screen_version_final.pdf|screen}}. This {{ :​collaboration:​3_cerl_questionnaire_2019_-_easy-to-use.xlsx |Excel sheet}} helps you to record your responses to the questions.\\ 
 +==== Under Development ==== 
 +Two supporting tools related to the QAT (see pp. 6-7 of the QAT) are under development. For this we will need the help of all the Network. We would like you to send us a maximum of examples (forms, check-lists,​ procedures, etc.) and experiences related to important points of attention that security policies require to ensure the fight against theft and vandalism (more details in the booklet). Please send to [[jacqueline.lambert@kbr.be]]. 
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