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CERL Blog In 2019/2020, CERL launched the CERL Blog. The blog editors are Vera Andriopoulou (Laskaridis Foundaton and CERL Promotion Working Group) and Marian Lefferts (CERL).

We added a blog facility to our existing portfolio of methods for connecting with you via social media

  • Because it allows us to present slightly longer stories about the services that CERL develops,
  • Because the blog posts can be more visual than the news circulated via the CERL mailing list, or even the CERL newsletter, and
  • Because here we can give a better platform for news from our member libraries

In addition to CERL news, we hope to present you with news from the manuscript and rare books community on library policies and practices, seminars and conferences, exhibitions and publications.

We invite both CERL members and scholars to contribute. If you have a suitable topic (or perhaps you have already written some text) and an accompanying image or two, then please contact Marian Lefferts, who can work with you to add your contribution to the blog.

Blog posts:
2020, 19 June
Vera Andriopoulou, New Blog: Incunabula in Greek Libraries, which in turn points to this first blogpost in a series prepared by colleagues at the Laskaridis Foundation.

2020, 11 June
Mirna Willer - Festschrift

2020, 5 June
Wijnand van der Sanden, In de footsteps of Johan Picardt (1600-1670)

2020, 29 May
Cristina Dondi, CERL Internship Grants 2019/20

2020, 7 May
Marieke van Delft, Pieter vander Meersche: an eighteenth-century user of incunabula

2020, 30 April
Elena Fogolin, News from CERL Grantees

2020, 24 April
The digitisation of incunabula in monastic libraries

2020, 9 April
Kirstin Williams, Cataloguing early Japanese books

2020, 2 April
Nele Gabriëls, We are OPEN! Share and reuse our public domain collections (and read about how we got there)

2020, 23 March
Sabrina Minuzzi, A new Project in cooperation with CERL: MAT-MED in Transit

2019, 30 December
Jacqueline Lambert, Out now! CERL Quick Audit Tool (2nd edition - November 2019)

2019, 19 September
Marian Lefferts, CERL Seminar 2019

2019, 19 September
Marian Lefferts, Why this new blog?

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