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001 Record identifier

Mandatory: yes
Repeatable: no
Please note: Do not edit this field manually.

Field Definition and Scope

The CERL thesaurus record identification number is a unique identifier (substitute of ISADN). The identifier consists of a three letter prefix, indicating the type of entity described and a 8 digit number.

Application of Content Designators

This field does not have indicators or subfields.

Input Conventions

Currently, the following prefixes are used:

cafCERL abbreviatura fontis (Reference Works)
cniCERL nomen imprimatoris etc. (Printers, Publishers, Booksellers etc.)
cncCERL nomen corporationis (Corporate bodies)
cnlCERL nomen loci (Places)
cnpCERL nomen personae (Persons)



  1. 001 cnl00000719
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