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035 Obsolete record identifier

Mandatory: no
Repeatable: yes
Related fields: 001
Please note: Do not edit this field manually.

Field Definition and Scope

This field contains the record identifier of a record merged into the current one in a deduplication process.

Application of Content Designators


both indicators are undefined and thus left blank


$z Obsolete record identifer (M;R)
CERL Thesaurus record identifier of a deleted record, which content was merged into the current record.

$6 Source File Reference (O;NR)
see the description of numerical subfields.

Input Conventions

This field is created automatically when two records are merged (either in an offline updating process or by using the WinADH database client). A field 035 must by no means be deleted from a record, in order to ensure that all record identifiers ever assigned to a CERL Thesaurus record are kept valid.

This field is used for CERL Thesaurus identifiers only. Identifiers from other systems should be given in the respective field 801 Originating Source (O;R).


In RDF Export, the following mapping is applied

$zowl:sameAsfor all occurrences

Mapping Example

<rdf:Description rdf:about="http://cttest.cerl.org/cnl00008971">
   <owl:sameAs rdf:resource="http://cttest.cerl.org/cnl00002777"/>
   <owl:sameAs rdf:resource="http://cttest.cerl.org/cnl00004777"/>
   <owl:sameAs rdf:resource="http://cttest.cerl.org/cnl00006227"/>
   <owl:sameAs rdf:resource="http://cttest.cerl.org/cnl00006481"/>


  1. 035 ##$zcnl00000718
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