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110 Coded Data Field: Type of Name used as Standard Form

Mandatory: yes
Repeatable: no
Related fields: 200; 210; 212; 215; 321

Field Definition and Scope

This field contains a fixed length coded data relating to the type of name which is used to create a standard form filed in field 200, 210, 212, 215 or 321. It is applicable to all kinds of records.

Application of Content Designators


both indicator positions are undefined and therefore left blank


$a Type of name code (M;NR)

Type of name code

0 = Name (default)
1 = Fictional name
2 = Identification of entity is uncertain
3 = Name is used for more than one entity
9 = Temporary record

Within 'Source of reference'-records (caf), the following codes are used:

0 = Source name (default)
2 = Identification of source uncertain
3 = Source data is ambiguous and therefore needs distinctive elements
9 = Temporary record

Input Conventions

Literary figures and figures from the mythology will be coded with code value 0; code value 1 is for pseudonyms and purposefully made up entities (i.e. ficticious printing places)

The code value 2 should be used with caution. Records included into the CERL Thesaurus via the automated update process will have the code value 2 if it can be suspected that a record is actually describing more than one entity. These records might be split up into reocords for each entity or even be deleted entirely.

Code value 3 indicates that the name or “persona” given in the heading has purposely been used by more than one entity. I.e. as a collective pseudonym, a family name etc.

When merging duplicates, it might be necessary to change the code in field 110, since this field cannot be repeated within a record. The code in a merged record must be one of the following 0, 1 or 3 and must by no means be 2 or 9. Change the codes according to the following table

Code in rec. A Code in rec. B Code in merged record Remark
0 0 0
0 1 0 Merge only, if the name given in rec. B is a pseudonym of the entity described in rec. A. Make a note (300 General note (O;R)) to indicate this fact. Beware of entities that are entirely ficticious, these must not be merged with records describing actual entites
0 2 Don't merge
0 3 Don't merge
0 9 0
1 2 Don't merge
1 3 Don't merge, unless rec. A actually records a collective pseudonym (in that case use 3 in the resulting record
1 9 1
2 2 Don't merge
2 3 Don't merge
2 9 Don't merge
3 9 3



  1. 110 ##$a0
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