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120 Coded Data Field: Gender

Mandatory: no
Repeatable: no

Field Definition and Scope

This field indicates the gender of a person in coded form.

Application of Content Designators


both indicator positions are undefined and therefore left blank.


$6 Source File Reference (O;NR)
see the description of numerical subfields.

$a Gender Code A one-character code that indicates the gender of the person described. The following codes may be used:

xnot applicable

Input Conventions

Instead of using code x it is recommended to skip this field altogether.


For the creation of an RDF description, the following mapping is applied:

$ardaGr2:genderonly for code values a, b and u

Mapping Example

<rdf:Description rdf:about="http://cttest.cerl.org/cnp00105412">
   <rdaGr2:gender rdf:resource="http://rdvocab.info/termList/gender/1002"/>


  1. 120 ##$ab
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