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 === Subfields === === Subfields ===
- +**$5 Institution to which the information in this field applies. (O;​R)**\\ ​A code from the [[List of insitution and file codes used in heading fields]] indicates that this institution or authority file uses the name form in $a as a heading form or a preferred from. //For backwards compatibility an additional subfield $c holding either a country code or '​XX'​ is rendered with every subfield $5 by the system. This subfield $c should not be input manually, since the code in subfield $5 is sufficient to identify the institution responsible for the given heading//
-**$5 Institution to which field applies. ​Entry element is standard form for this institution ​(O;R)**\\+
 **$a Entry element (M;NR)**\\ **$a Entry element (M;NR)**\\
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 **$r Addition other than names to entry element (O;R)**\\ **$r Addition other than names to entry element (O;R)**\\
-Insert any additions to the namethat are found in the book.+Insert any additions to the name that are found in the book.
 ==== Input Conventions ==== ==== Input Conventions ====
 +This field is repeatable to show standard forms used by different institutions. As there is no preferred form in a CERL Thesaurus record, no standard form has precedence over the other standard forms.
 +Although, it is technical possible to enter standard forms without an indication of the institution responsible for that form, this is not encouraged.
 +Places and dates associated with the corporate body are given in subfield $r.
 ==== Examples ==== ==== Examples ====
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