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830 Cataloguer's Note

Mandatory: no
Repeatable: yes
Related fields: 300

Field Definition and Scope

This field is used for notes of a cataloguer meant to be read by other cataloguers only and not by the general user of the thesaurus.

Application of Content Designators


Indicator 1: none

Indicator 2: Specifies the type of input:

  • 0 Field has been input or corrected by cataloguer; this form of name cannot be overwritten in automated updating processes
  • 1 Field has been input by automated addition; review by cataloguer may be necessary


$6 Source file reference (NR)
This subfield must not be input manually, it is added in an automated updating process only and shall be removed after manual amendment of the record.

$a Information note (M;NR)

Input Conventions


  1. 830 #1$aDue to the lack of biographical or related data, the decision, whether to include this record or not, cannot be made algorithmically. Please confirm the inclusion of this record or remove it entirely from the file. (Please delete this note after revising this record.)$6PND:Revision necessary
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