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831 Duplicate control field

Do not edit this field manually!

Mandatory: -
Related fields: 801

Field Definition and Scope

This field is used for database updating purposes only. It shall not be displayed in the WWW interface, nor shall its content be edited by a cataloguer. It is entirely created only by programme and will be deleted by the database system after the indicated action has taken place.

Application of Content Designators


Indicator 1: none

Indicator 2: Specifies the type of duplicate reference:

  • 0 The record indicated in $a was reviewed by a cataloger and merger of the current and the indicated record into one is deprecated.
  • 1 The record indicated in $a is probably a duplicate to the present record and should therefore be revised by a cataloguer.
  • 2 The record indicated in $a will be merged to the present record in an updating process, since a cataloguer has considered it referring to the same entity.


$8 Language code (O;NR)
Mandatory to precede the $n subfield. A three letter language code from the Marc Code List for Languages.

$a Record Identifier (M;NR)
Record ID of the record considered duplicate

$b Number of matches (A;NR)
Number of identical forms or other data detected by a checking routine. The number of matches should be understood as an indication of the similarity of the two records.

$n Cataloguer's note (O;NR)
A short description of the duplicate checking which took place.

$z Original Authority File (A;NR)
Indicates the Authority File from which the record was taken originally.

Input Conventions


  1. 831 #1$acnp00081480$b1$zNeNKHB$8ger$nDatensatz möglicherweise dublett (Übereinstimmung in Namensform).
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