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Numerical Subfields

$8 Language Code

A three letter code from the MARC Code List for languages (ISO 639-2)1) that indicated the language of the subfield $a or $n following immediately.

Currently the following codes are supported2):


$9 Temporary Data

Any data or annotation to the field's content that is not considered a permanent addition to the record. In practice this subfield will be used to temporarily store record ids that need to be mapped into CT ids or any markers or flags relating to the field in question.

Notes with a more permanent character and those intended to be read by other cataloguers should be given in field 830 instead. The content of subfield $9 will be visible from the internal format representation, while the content for field 830 will not.

see here about the relationship between the MARC Code List for Languages and ISO 639-2: https://www.loc.gov/marc/languages/introduction.pdf
Other codes are rendered invalid when creating the HTML lang-attribute or the language tag in RDF/Turtle. If other codes should be used, the system administrator must be informed so that they may add those to the table that translates the Marc codes to the IANA approved two letter codes
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