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 ===== 5. Linking Fields ===== ===== 5. Linking Fields =====
 +An important feature of the CERL Thesaurus is recording of the relationship between two or more entities in the form of links between their records. This could be a person'​s record linked to those of their parents or a printers record linked to the record of the place where they had their printing shop. 
 +Fields that may contain links are marked by a yellow-ish/​orange button with a looking glass. To establish a link, click on the looking glass button and enter a search term into the search box that will pop up. 
 +{{ :​resources:​cerl_thesaurus:​editing:​formedit6.png?​700 |Linking fields}}
 +Pick the record from the result list, you  want to link to by clicking on it. This will write the record id of that record into the field that contains the link (often labelled "​ID"​). Although the record itself keeps only the id of the link target, additional information from that target record will be taken into account when someone does a search in the CT interface.
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