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   * [[::​resources:​cerl_thesaurus:​editing:​formbasededitor|How to use the form based editor]]   * [[::​resources:​cerl_thesaurus:​editing:​formbasededitor|How to use the form based editor]]
   * [[::​resources:​cerl_thesaurus:​editing:​indexing|Indexing of the CERL Thesaurus]]   * [[::​resources:​cerl_thesaurus:​editing:​indexing|Indexing of the CERL Thesaurus]]
-  * {{:​resources:​cerl_thesaurus:​editing:​mapping_ct_json.pdf|Mapping Internal Format to JSON}} ​+  * <del>{{:​resources:​cerl_thesaurus:​editing:​mapping_ct_json.pdf|Mapping Internal Format to JSON}} ​</​del>​
   * [[::​resources:​cerl_thesaurus:​editing:​printers|Guidelines for editing printers'​ records]]   * [[::​resources:​cerl_thesaurus:​editing:​printers|Guidelines for editing printers'​ records]]
Line 22: Line 22:
   * [[::​resources:​cerl_thesaurus:​editing:​pnddiverted|How to treat PND diverted (Umlenkungssätze) records]]   * [[::​resources:​cerl_thesaurus:​editing:​pnddiverted|How to treat PND diverted (Umlenkungssätze) records]]
   * [[::​resources:​cerl_thesaurus:​editing:​changeentitytype|How the change the type of an entity]]   * [[::​resources:​cerl_thesaurus:​editing:​changeentitytype|How the change the type of an entity]]
-  * {{:intern:winadh:corp_dedup.pps|Merging of records which are not flagged ​for deduping}} //Login necessary//+  * [[::resources:cerl_thesaurus:​editing:​mergingunmarked|How to merge records which have not been marked ​for deduplication]] 
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