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-sss+**Presentations Plenary Session Ligatus/​CERL Event 
 +Chelsea College of Arts, London, 23 June 2015**
 +Prof Nicholas Pickwoad, Director of the Ligatus Research Centre, University of the Arts,
 +//Coming to terms: Ligatus guidelines for bookbindings//​\\
-lll+Mr Per Cullhed, Strategic Development Manager, Uppsala Universitetsbiblioteket\\ 
 +//CERL Bookbinding Working Group//\\ 
-ppp+Drs Marian Lefferts, CERL Executive Manager\\ 
 +//Fingers in pies: CERL and European collaboration//​\\ 
 +Dr Kathleen Walker-Meikle,​ CERL Project Officer\\
 +//CENDARI: Integrating archival research digitally//​\\
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