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-====== CERL Internship and Placement Grant 2015 ======+====== CERL Internship and Placement Grant 2016/​17 ​======
-//2015 INTERNSHIPS OFFERED BY MEMBER LIBRARIES//+CERL would like to offer one 2016/2017 Internship and Placement Grant, to the value of 1,000 Euros, to allow a qualified librarian or scholar to work on CERL projects in CERL libraries, and to be trained on CERL databases, generally for a period of one month.\\ 
 +In particular, CERL is looking to support people new to the profession, whether in librarianship or in academia, and to facilitate international mobility.\\ 
 +CERL asked its member libraries to propose projects suitable to the CERL Grant.\\
-Interns are invited ​to select one of the projects proposed by CERL’s member libraries or to present an alternative proposal.\\+Applicants may apply to these, or suggest a different proposal in agreement with another host library, which must itself be a member ​of CERL. The internship should take place within the period January-September 2017. 
 +This grant can only be assigned once to the same person. Applications not selected but positively vetted will be notified that they can be put in again for the next round.\\
-**THE HAGUE, KONINKLIJKE BIBLIOTHEEK**\\ +A written report for the CERL webpage and Newsletter, and/or a presentation in person will be expected at the end of the internship/placement.\\
-The Koninklijke Bibliotheek would like to offer **two** ​CERL internship ​opportunities:​\\ +
-__Short-Title Catalogue Netherlands__\\+//​INTERNSHIPS OFFERED BY MEMBER LIBRARIES//
-The [[https://​www.kb.nl/​en/​organisation/​research-expertise/​for-libraries/​short-title-catalogue-netherlands-stcn|Short-Title Catalogue Netherlands]] ​ is the national bibliography of Dutch books printed between 1450 and 1800. At the moment the STCN includes more than 200.000 titlesall described book-in-hand,​ and to this day, unique copies are still found. The intern shall search for unique Dutch titles in collections that are not described in STCN yet (e.g. archives and small specialized libraries in the Netherlands) or in foreign collections,​ via library catalogues or digitized collections such as the Swiss collection of digitized early printed editions [[www.e-rara.ch|e-rara]]. CERL will benefit because STCN-titles will eventually be inserted in the [[http://​gso.gbv.de/​DB=1.77/​LNG=EN/​|Heritage of the Printed Book database]].\\+**THE HAGUEROYAL LIBRARY – CATALOGUING INCUNABULA IN MEI**\\
-__Online ​Library ​Catalogue__\\+The Royal Library ​of The Hague (KB) preserves more than 2.200 incunabula; 900 from the Low Countries. All incunabula are described in the OPAC using OCLC (http://​opc4.kb.nl/​PPN?​PPN=325839700). Descriptions are based on ISTC. All desctiptions ​ contain the ISTC number in a separate field, and the GW number ​ in the bibliographical field together with other bibliographical references. All provenances are researched and described. A number of incunabula were included in the Illustrated ISTC with their keypages.\\
-All early printed editions ​of the KB have been described in our online library catalogue, but some have slipped through. The intern shall search ​for uncatalogued early editions ​in the KB and catalogue these for the library catalogue ​and – if needed – in the Short-Title Catalogue Netherlands.+The internship:​\\ 
 +1. Adapt a download ​of the incunable descriptions ​for upload ​in MEI according to the requirements of Data Conversion Group (DCG).\\ 
 +2. Expand ​the descriptions with data required by MEI (geographical ​and chronological markers).\\
-**LONDON, THE BRITISH LIBRARY**\\ +The Royal Library ​of The Hague has much experience with internships. Interns that are enrolled at a university can apply for the internship compensation (KB) on top of the CERL grant. Interns will be part of the organization. The KB will provide a workplace and guidance. The internship ​will be coordinated by Dr Marieke van DelftCurator Pre-1800 books at KB.\\
-The British ​Library ​would like to offer **two** ​CERL internship ​opportunitiesboth working within the Printed Heritage Collections team:\\ +
-__Horace Walpole’s Library__Adding Provenance Data to British Library Catalogue Records\\+Requirements for the intern:\\ 
 +- knowledge of the rare books, preferably incunabula and analytical bibliography;​\\ 
 +- knowledge of Latin, English, and if possible Dutch;\\ 
 +- palaeographical skills.\\
-Working closely with Hazen’s “Catalogue of Horace Walpole’s Library” (London, 1969) we would like the librarian or scholar to identify all of the Strawberry Hill books (and possibly manuscripts) that are now in the British Library collections with the aim of creating a finding aid. The collection of Horace Walpole (1717-1797) was wide and varied, so the work will entail working with items printed across Europe and in different formats. We envisage the intern finding the books in our catalogue, calling them up and describing condition, binding, any/all Walpole identifiers,​ annotations etc. This will prove really useful for curators and Walpole researchers in the future.\\+**APPLICATION PROCEDURE**
-__Cataloguing 19th Century Printed Items Contained within the Lord Chamberlain’s Plays Collection__\\ +Your application should include a CV (maximum two pagesand a covering letterThis should outline your suitability for the internshipgive your reasons ​for the applicationand the name of one referee who can be contacted by CERL.\\
- +
-A significant number of printed items are located throughout the Lord Chamberlain’s Plays collection ​(playscripts,​ 1737-1968). Many of the items are unique havingin some cases, been printed ​for the purpose of submission to the Lord Chamberlain’s Office. This project entails examining 19th century playscripts in order to identify printed itemsrecord annotations,​ match them to existing catalogue records, or provide ​the necessary information to create new catalogue records. The benefits are considerable – greater visibility ​of the printed items would increase the use of this under-used collection and provide a greater understanding of the British Library’s printed theatrical holdings.+
-**MUNICH, BAYERISCHE STAATSBIBLIOTHEK**\\ +If the applicant is employed by an institution,​ the consent of the institution should be included. ​
-The Bayerische Staatsbibliothek would like to offer one CERL internship opportunity,​ working within the Special Collections Department:​ +
-  +
-Recording links to watermarks of incunabula in ISTC. The BSB and the University Library of Leipzig have recorded watermarks of c. 500 incunabula in WZIS, see e.g. +
-[[http://​www.wasserzeichen-online.de/?​ref=DE5580-2Incca18_a3|Wasserzeichen Informationssystem]]. +
-The records cannot be linked to ISTC automatically,​ as the WZIS URLs are based on the shelfmarks rather than catalogue numbers, so they have to be entered manually.  +
- +
-The Wellcome Library would like to offer **three** CERL internship opportunities,​ working within the Special Collections Department:​ +
-  +
-1)     ​Cataloguing incunabula in Material Evidence in Incunabula;​\\ +
-2)     ​Catalogue enhancement for the records of a proportion of our 16th-century early printed books;\\ +
-3)     ​Catalogue enhancement of medieval manuscripts +
-  +
- +
-The Bodleian Library would like to offer one CERL internship opportunity,​ working within the Special Collections Department, and under the supervision of Dr Irene Ceccherini, Lyell-Bodleian Research Fellow in Manuscript Studies:​\\ +
- +
-The Library preserves the working papers, mostly unpublished,​ of Professor Albinia de la Mare († 2001), who devoted her research life to the study of humanistic script. An internship is offered to work on the card indexes of Renaissance manuscripts,​ scribes, and illuminators,​ in order to be transferred into electronic format to be more easily accessible to scholars. The index would then be uploaded to the CERL Thesaurus to increment records on manuscript production, and to support links with the CERL Portal. +
- +
- +
-The applicant should send one A4 letter of application stating preferences of destination,​ preferences of research projects, or collections to work on, and the name of one referee who can be contacted by CERL. In addition, the applicant should send one curriculum vitae of no more than 2 pages, including information about areas of expertise and languages. ​If the applicant is employed by an institution,​ the consent of the institution should be included.\\ +
- +
-**Deadline: 15 September 2015**\\  +
- +
- +
-This grant can only be assigned once to the same person. Applicants who were not selected but positively vetted will be notified and are welcome to apply for the next round.\\+
-A written report for the CERL webpage and Newsletter, and/or a presentation in person will be expected at the end of the internship/​placement.+Please email the application to secretariat@cerl.org.\\
 +**Deadline: 15 December 2016.**\\ ​
 __Address__:​ Consortium of European Research Libraries, Finsbury Business Centre, 40 Bowling Green Lane, London EC1R 0NE, UK or e-mail: secretariat@cerl.org. __Address__:​ Consortium of European Research Libraries, Finsbury Business Centre, 40 Bowling Green Lane, London EC1R 0NE, UK or e-mail: secretariat@cerl.org.
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