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CERL's Collaboration Network

CERL Working Groups

Working Groups focus on specific areas of CERL's activities, and draw their membership from professionals across Europe. New members are always welcome, and interested persons should write to CERL's Secretary, Cristina Dondi at: c.dondi@cerl.org. The working groups report back to the Executive Committee twice a year.


Manuscripts Librarians Group

CERL hosts the Manuscripts Librarians Group, a forum for experts in the field to confer and collaborate.


CERL Security Working Group

The CERL Security Working Group coordinates information about on-going security issues of relevance for collections within the scope of CERL and monitors and disseminates information on emerging methods and technologies in library crime prevention and detection.


LIBER Working Group for Digital Humanities and Digital Cultural Heritage

CERL now works with LIBER in the Working Group for Digital Humanities and Digital Cultural Heritage.

Previously collaboration took place in the LIBER Forum of Digital Cultural Heritage (and before that the LIBER Steering Committee for Heritage Collections and Preservation), both co-coordinated with CERL.


European Projects

CERL is involved as a partner in some European projects. As well as being examples of best practice they bring benefits to our members in the large degree of collaboration with other institutions that is involved. Follow the links to read about our current project involvement. The projects that CERL is currently involved in are always reported at our AGM, and written about in the latest newsletter.


Manutius Network 2015-2016

Manutius Network is dedicated to the events for the celebrations of the fifth centenary of Aldus’s death. The aim is to provide a comprehensive picture of the conferences, seminars and exhibitions in honour of Aldus, the Aldine press and its books taking place throughout the world.


CERL Internship and Placement Grant

At the Executive Committee and Annual General Meetings which took place in Warsaw in October 2013, it was agreed to establish one CERL Grant every year, of the value of 1,000 Euros, to allow qualified librarians and scholars to work on CERL projects in CERL libraries, or in CERL offices, and to be trained on CERL databases, generally for a period of one month.

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