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 ====== CERL Project Officers ====== ====== CERL Project Officers ======
-**Ingeborg Versprille MA (Europeana Cloud and CENDARI projects)**\\ 
-{{:​collaboration:​projects:​cerl_iv.jpg?​200 |Ingeborg Versprille}} 
-Ingeborg Versprille has responsibilities in two European projects. For the Europeana Cloud project, she works together with project partners on the realisation of an Europeana Research Content Policy and she collaborates on the effective dissemination of project results, including Europeana Research. For the CENDARI project, Ingeborg works with the CERL Executive Manager to manage the exchange programme, undertake dissemination of the project and its summer schools. For CERL, Ingeborg works on the communication and promotion of CERL activities to its members and the community at large. 
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