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391 Decoration Note

Mandatory Repeatable Editable
noonly one occurrence per ownership descriptionyes


Description of decoration elements found in copy as evidence for ownership.


  • Indicator 1: # undefined (blank)
  • Indicator 2: # undefined (blank)


  • $6 (M;NR) Evidence Sequence Indicator
  • $a (O;NR) Note
  • $9 (O;NR) Coded Information

Input Conventions

  • The evidence sequence indicator in $6 groups all chunks of information that describe the evidence for a specific ownership. All fields with an identical subfield $6 within a record describe the same ownership.
  • Subfield $9 may contain up to 5 single character codes. Codes are left-aligned and unused code positions are omitted
    • b Illuminations
    • c Ornamental Letter
    • n Coat of Arms
    • r Rubrication
    • i Pen initials
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