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 +======CERL Thesaurus Help======
 +===== Diacritics and Non-Roman Scripts =====
 +Under Windows XP some **diacritics do not display properly** with the CERL Thesaurus web interface'​s default font. If you encounter misplaced diacritic marks or characters that cannot be displayed (i.e. you see a rectangle or a question mark instead of a character), try another font by clicking //Change Font// from the Toolbox repeatedly until you find a font that works for you.
 +The system will try to display the record using the following fonts if available:
 +  * Arial Unicode MS
 +  * Titus Cyberbit Basic **or** Times New Roman
 +  * Tahoma
 +Under Windows Vista and Windows 7 the default font works fine with diacritics and most non-Roman characters.
 +To facilitate the input of diacritics and non-Roman characters there is a virtual (on-screen) keyboard available for the search line and the index browse input field. Click //Virtual Keyboard// in the Toolbox to activate the keyboard icon. Click //Virtual Keyboard// again to hide it.
 +-> [[http://​thesaurus.cerl.org|Back to the CERL Thesaurus web interface]]
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