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CERL Papers II

The Scholar & the Database. (Lotte Hellinga, ed.). Papers presented on 4 November 1999 at the CERL conference hosted by the Royal Library, Brussels.
London, Consortium of European Research Libraries, 2001.
ISBN 0-9541535-0-2. [Eleven papers in English and French.]
CERL Papers II is now out of print, but is available to download here.


Lotte Hellinga (former Secretary, CERL): Introduction.

Hugh Amory (Houghton Library, Harvard University): Pseudodoxia Bibliographica, or when is a book not a book? When it’s a record.

Maureen Bell (University of Birmingham): A quantitative survey of British book production 1475–1700.

Margaret Lane Ford (Christie’s. London): History counts: masterformes in quantitative analysis for the history of the book.

María-Luisa López-Vidriero (Biblioteca Real, Madrid): Face aux attentes des chercheurs: reflexions sur les bases données retrospectives. [English summary.]

Henryk Hollender (University Library, Warsaw): Quatification, national heritage, and automation strategy.

Jaroslava Kašparová (National Library, Prague): Le catalogue automatisé des livres anciens et recherches dans le domaine de l’histoire du livre: Le cas de la République tchèque. Conception du traitement, son état actuel, perspectives d’avenir. [English summary.]

David McKitterick (Trinity College Library, Cambridge University): Bibliography and woeful ignorance - or, why does the seventeenth century look different in Cambridge libraries?

Pierre Delsaerdt (University Library, Antwerp): Les banques de données bibliographiques: cartes routières ou instruments de recherche pour l’histoire du livre au xviiie siècle. [English summary.]

Jean-Dominique Mellot (Bibliothèque nationale de France, Paris): Le Répertoire d’imprimeurs/libraires de la BnF (v. 1500-v. 1810): premiers enseignements quantitatifs et qualitatifs. [English summary.]

Andrey C. Massevitch (Academy of Sciences, St Petersburg) and Alla V. Ostrovskaya (Institute for Studies in Russian Literature, St Petersburg): The authority file for names of persons of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Russia in the Institute for Studies in Russian Literature: a Utopian Project.

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