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Adriaan Coenen, Het Visboeck

The CERL Portal provides access to distributed databases containing manuscript materials, printed works, photographic material and other special materials. The focus lies on manuscripts materials, but the Heritage of the Printed Book Database (HPB) and the English Short-Title Catalogue can be included in the search as well. Databases that are included are either ‘harvested’, i.e. the records have been collected from its original database and stored in an integrated, local index, or are accessed ‘on the fly’ – the records are collected through a live connection.

The portal, which has been developed by the Electronic Publishing Centre of the University Library of Uppsala in Sweden (EPC), offers simultaneous searches in either all databases, or in a selection of one or more. More databases will be added in the near future, making this search portal a useful instrument for those researching manuscripts and other early written materials.

CERL Portal Organisation

Information about the way the CERL Portal is managed, and how you can participate in the development of the portal. Read more...

Project history

The CERL Portal was established after the successful completion of the CERL Manuscripts Project. The link gives full details of the project history. Read more...

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