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CERL Portal organisation

The CERL Portal is being developed under the responsibility of the CERL Board and Committee. Day-to-day management is the responsibility of Ivan Boserup, Det Kongelige Bibliotek, Copenhagen

The Portal is technically developed by the Electronic Publishing Centre, hosted by the University Library of Uppsala (Sweden).

Adding more content

CERL aims to add approximately five new databases to the CERL Portal every year. Databases that are of interest

  • contain records of (Western) manuscripts of all times, possibly in conjunction with early prints;
  • are harvestable by OAI protocol, or accessible through the Z39.50 protocol.

File owners are asked to invest some staff time when the database is first added to the Portal. Subsequently, the automated process of harvesting, or access by Z39.50 protocol, needs to remain supported.

Memorandum of Agreement

The Memorandum of Agreement defines all rights of both CERL and the data providers, including the provider's inalienable rights to the data. The agreement must be signed by both parties before access to the data is provided.

Memorandum of Agreement for OAI databases
Memorandum of Agreement for Z39.50 databases


If you have any suggestions on improving this search facility, or if you are responsible for a database containing relevant data and are interested in participating, please contact the Project Co-ordinator, Ivan Boserup or the CERL office secretariat@cerl.org.

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