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415 Other form of Place name (O;R)

Field Definition and Scope

This field holds forms of a place name that are not standardised headings, but found in imprints, reference works or similar. Real variants (different spellings, vernacular, foreign or historic forms etc.) as well as ficticious names or names of other places used to disguise the actual place of publishing in a book's imprint.

Application of Content Designators


Indicator 1: Specifies the type of name1)

  • 0 Name (default)
  • 1 Fictional name

Indicator 2: Specifies the type of input:

  • 0 Form of name has been input or corrected by cataloguer; this form of name cannot be overwritten in automated updating processes
  • 1 Form of name has been input by automated addition; review by cataloguer may be necessary


$8 Language code (O;R)
Mandatory to precede the $n subfield. see the description of numerical subfields.

$a Variant place name (M;NR)
Any variant name form; without non-sorting parts or additions to the name unless the additions are considered an integral part of the name.

$e Non-Sorting part of name (O;NR)
Any part of the entry element, which should be skipped if entry elements are sorted alphabetically.

$n Cataloguer's note (O;R)
Forming a pair with the preceding $8 subfield. Any cataloguer's comment on this category

$r Addition other than names to entry element (O;R)
Any additions to the name that are not considered part of the name (e.g. “Hansestadt”)

$s Source note (O;R)
Reference Work or other source where the given name form has been taken from.

$z Chronological Note (O;NR)
Used in conjunction with $a, to indicate that the information given there applies only to a certain time period.
Preferrred form of entry: yyyy-yyyy or yyyy- or -yyyy

$0 Type of Name (O;NR)
The type of the name form given in this field in coded form. Use one of the following codes:

Code meaning remark equivalent GND code
abbrabbreviated name abku
compcomplete name navo
fictfictional nameany fictional name form
formformer name nafr
intmname used intermittently nazw
latrlater name nasp
prefformer preferred name naaf,ngkd,nswd
pseuPseudonymsubgroup of 'fict'pseu
realreal nameif heading is a pseudonymnawi
varnvariant name (default)

$9 Temporary data (O;NR) see the description of numerical subfields.

Input Conventions

Indicator position 1 can be left blank when manually entering a field when subfield $0 is entered.

If no subfield $0 is entered, it will be generated automatically (with the value 'varn' if indicator position 1 holds '0' or 'fict' if that indicator position holds '1') once a record is saved.

Inflected forms can also be recorded in field 415; prepositions and introductory phrases, however, should not be given (neither in subfield $a nor in subfield $e).


For the creation of an RDF description, the following mapping is applied:

$ardaGr3:variantNameForThePlaceif indicator position 1 holds 0
$act:ficticiousNameForThePlaceif indicator position 1 holds 1

Mapping Example

<rdf:Description rdf:about="http://thesaurus.cerl.org/cnl00009564">


  1. 415 01$aPistoria$sOrbis$sDeschamps$0varn
  2. 415 11$aCosmopolis$0fict
  3. 415 01$aRhydychen$8eng$nWelsh name form$0varn
  4. 415 00$aGradis$ram Sontig$0varn

Internal Representation

{"data": {"name": [{
    "tmp": "Temporary data ($9)",
    "part": [
        {"entry": "Entry element ($a)"},
        {"nonsort": "Non-sorting part of name ($e)"},
        {"addition": "Addition to the name ($r)"}
    "typeOfName": "Type of name ($0)",
    "source": ["source of information ($s)"],
    "start": 1500,
    "end": 1600,
    "note": [{
        "lang": "Language code ($8)",
        "text": "Text of note ($n)"
    "prc": 1

Change History

  • 17.07.2017: Subfield $6 will no longer be supported, once the CT migrates into its new environment
  • 17.07.2017: Subfield $9 has been added to the format description
  • 17.07.2017: New subfield $0 has been added to the format description
Any manually entered value will be changed according to the code given in subfield $0
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