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Exporting from the HPB

HPB file providers may download records via Z39.50, using their CERL log-in account at sru.gbv.de (documentation at https://verbundwiki.gbv.de/display/VZG/SRU).

The same account details may be used to access the SRU server at http://sru.gbv.de.

Through the HPB Search Interface, users may also print records, and may send records to a selected e-mail address.

The HPB Database is the copyrighted product of the contributing members of the Consortium of European Research Libraries (CERL) and/or their suppliers. Users of the HPB Database may reproduce a single copy of any record retrieved online, provided such copy is used solely for private study, scholarship, research, or information. Under no circumstances may users store any record(s) electronically for the purposes of resale, redistribution, or performing on-going searching.

Citing HPB records

In order to reference a particular HPB record the following URL pattern is available:

http://hpb.cerl.org/record/<HPB Identifier>.

For example: http://hpb.cerl.org/record/BE-KBR00.CAT.1_1405830.

It can be copied from the label from the “full title” view of a record.

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