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C., E. (binding) C493.
C., E.F. (stamp) A512.
C., J. (stamp) L596, S63.
C., J. (Litton Cheney, Dorset, stamp) B517.
C., W. C230, R435.
Caff, Thomas B477.
Calais (?), library of the order of Minims D520.
Calandrinus, C. P607.
Caley, John P348.
Calldye, Martin B507.
Calvaire, `Frères hermites', library R360.
Calvert, Sir William (bookplate) L476.
Cam, Eliza B518.
Camp—, David C430.
Candler, Matthias K106.
Canivet, Mr R339.
Canning, Richard C487.
Canterbury, Dean & Chapter “Audit Room” M3, M4.
Canterbury, Dean's Stall (1822) B826.
Canterbury, St Augustine's College (bookplate) C277, D260, E511, G128, R152, R153, S103, S258, S830.
Canterbury, St John's Hospital F316.
Canterbury, Society of Change Ringers S911.
Canterbury Clerical Book Society (label) A75, A140, A161, B49, B432, B630, B842, B845, B848, B856, B1003, B1136, B1167, B1659, C869, C1143, C1233, C1323, D256, E534, G321, H25, K77, K89, K138, L328, L346, P154, R39, R290, R335, R347, R357, R426, R430, S170, S203, S743, S1114, T415, W126, W172, W173, W497.
Canterbury Clerical Library C1316, S320.
Canterbury Corporation Archives S700.
Canterbury Free Library (1911) W197.
Canterbury Public Library W197.
Capell, Algernon, Earl of Essex (bookplate, 1701) H359, M50, M51.
Capell, R. P173.
Capron, John Shukburgh (1833) B101, B103.
Carbery (?) S556.
Carloe, Ja. H403.
Carlton (?) T314.
Carlyle, Joseph Dacre Y35.
Carmichaell, John (bookplate) C830.
Carr, James (donor) O111.
Carroll, Lewis (1873) C513.
Carroso, J. D202.
Carryngton, Robert B1538.
Carter, Thomas J30.
Cartwright, William (1756) C261.
Carver, W. T120.
Cary, John (1693) F265, I72.
Cary, Mary B475.
Cary, Robert (1689) B475.
Cary, William B475.
Caryl, Lynford, Canon of Canterbury (d.1781) B346.
Casaubon, Isaac, Canon of Canterbury (d.1614) C210.
Casaubon, Méric, Canon of Canterbury (d.1671) B393, C212, J227, P289, W373. (1662) C723. (1663) C215.
Cassano, Duca di (bookplate) S54.
Cast(er)y (?), Avis B1237.
Castell, Edmund, Canon of Canterbury (d.1686) B923.
Castelton (?) G244.
Catanius, Benedict B448.
Cater, B. (1781) L522.
Catlett, Thomas (1647) L703.
Cave, John (1667/8) P477, P592.
Cavelle, Thomas C881.
Cavellier, Nicolas (1592) P253.
Cecil, William, 1st Baron Burghley (d.1598) (armorial binding) B1514.
Chabas (?) (1881) A16.
Chadburn, James (1699) C1160.
ChalmersHunt, Donald Robert (in memoriam, 1952) G509, G534, H125, H217, J206, J207, J209, J243, M507, N191, P473, R249.
Chamier, Alexander (bookplate) T436, T438.
Chamier, Anthony (bookplate) M483.
Chamier, John (bookplate, 1831) G296, W6.
Chapais, Ax. de T187.
Chapman (1784) D266.
Chapman, Alexander, Canon of Canterbury (d.1629) Z3.
Chapman, B.L. S551.
Chapman, Elizabeth (1801) C477, S795.
Chapman, Mrs H.M. (donor, 1924) D535, E519, W430.
Chapman, Joh. (donor: 1731) C180.
Chapman, Sarah A193.
Chapman, Susan (1835) C477. (1841) C477.
Chapman, Thomas S795.
Chapman, Thory (bookplate, 1808) C477.
Chapman family B512.
Chappell, William (1699) B185.
Charcos, Ilsthmos (?in Greek) A100.
Charlton, Edward J22.
Charlton, Morris Robinson G297.
Chase, of Lutton W462.
Chaslett, Dr (1709) A88.
Chauncy, Charles (bookplate) L665, O44.
Chayeard, Thomas (1661) B507.
Cheddington, John H831.
Cheesman, Catherine (1755) B483.
Cheesman, Daniel B483.
Cheesman, Richard (1710) B483.
Cheesman, William B483.
Chelsum, James(?) V81.
Cheslyn, Penelope B545.
Cheveley, Jamineau S781.
Chieri, `Societ. Jesu' N170, N171.
China, P. B1115.
Chipping Sodbury Clerical Lending Library (1852) B1570.
Chipping Sodbury Theological Library F52.
Chislet Parish Church, Kent C315, C320.
Chiswick, Helen M187.
Cholmeley, John (1794) D153.
Cholmondeley, Franc. C1133.
Cholmondeley, The Honorable Brigadier M451.
Christ Church College, Oxford A373.
Christian, A. L226.
Church, J. (1736) S736. (1761) R330.
Church House (bookplate) E511.
Churchill, John N. (1845) H675.
Cirencester Parish Church (1718) C512.
Clandon Library (label) D148.
Clapham, Edmund B477.
Clapton Parish C641.
Claringbull, Ralph B501.
Claringbull family B501.
Clark, St. T476.
Clark, Williams (1802) L707.
Clarke, Edward (17th century) B1327.
Clarke, Edward, Sandgate (label) M150.
Clarke, Mrs Frederick, Copse Hill, Wimbledon R389.
Clarke, Frederick Arnaud (bookplate, 1820) C821.
Clarke, Henry G340.
Clarke, John C945.
Clarke, Joseph S110.
Clarke, William B471.
Clarributt, Ann (1776) B599.
Clavering, Mrs F214.
Cleaver, William (bookplate) W150.
Cleevers, W. M527.
Cleghorn, Hugh Clarke (donor, 1895) W461.
Clements, S. (donor) B64.
Clerke, Robert (bookplate) T191.
Clerke, Watford B1077.
Cleton, Richard B486.
Clifford family J50.
Cline, Henry C1040.
Clinton, Frances W56.
Clonell (?) R473.
Cluny, Abbey of (prize) F100.
Clutterbuck, J. M311.
Cluvel (?) (stamp, Lyon, 1777) D213.
Clyffe, Edward M666.
Clyiek, J. (1651) D153.
Cobb, Muro (donor, 1943) B222.
Cobb, Thomas (17th/18th century) W250.
Cobham, Lady E7.
Cock, F. William (d.1943) (bookplate) L217, L529, R392, W459. (1897) D62. (1903) L216. (1906) D424. (1939) P216.
Cock, N. B306.
Codrington, C. C299.
Cohen, Robert T300.
Coimbra, Des. el N138.
Coiner, Ferdinand (1727) B510.
Coker, Charles (1717) W562.
Cole, Chas. Nalson (bookplate) B517.
Cole, W. (1777) B1316.
Cole, William (armorial) bookplate, 1749) S173.
Colely, Christopher D256, G483.
Colely, Thomas D256.
Coleridge, Edward (1883, donor) R152.
Coles, John P221.
Coles, Mary B519.
Coles, William (b.1592) B519.
Coles, William (c.1689) F379.
Coley, Humfrey (1636) M675.
Colf, Thomas (CCCC) P73.
Colfe, Ann B832, F60.
Colfe, Mary (later Lee) A175, G520. (1672) J50.
Colfe, Thomas B832.
Colfe family J50.
Coller, John H559.
Collier, Jeremy (gift, 1713) C993.
Collier, John (1742) G14.
Collings, Ja. (stamp) P639.
Collins, J. F23.
Collins, John, Devizes (bookplate) B908.
Collins, S.J. (bookplate) C726.
Collymer, James (1619) J202.
Collyns, William B1538.
Colman, Edward (stamp) J211.
Cologne, `Collegium Societatis Jesu' (1621) B444.
Colombine, Cha. D272.
Colonna, Libraria (stamp) B402, B1181.
Coly, William A516.
Colze, W.L. C1316.
Comart, George B482.
Combe, T. (donor) E532, E533.
Comerford, James (bookplate) A293, C1208, N108.
Comings, Fowler C276.
Compton, Jos. (1720) M437.
Congreve, Jo: L509.
Connay, General (bookplate) B23.
Connolly, W.J. (1864) W198.
Const., G.P. (1737) C110.
Constable, David B1593.
Contraber, Wallace F381.
Conway, Edward A350.
Cook (?) S151.
Cook, Richyate (1722) K30.
Cooke, Dr (bookplate) C483.
Cooke, Mary (1771) C483.
Cooke, Thomas (1812) C488.
Coombe, John Riché & Thomas (donors, 1823) A90, B73, B467, B468, B469, B470, B471, B472, B473, B478, B482, B484, B486, B487, B488, B490, B494, B497, B507, B509, B515, B517, B531, B864, B862, B866, B877, B878, B879, B880, B882, B883, B884, B889, B890, B920, B936, B1149, C445, C457, C718, C721, C1135, E501, L700, R329, S771, T475.
Coombe, Thomas, Canon of Canterbury (d.1822) A90, B73, B468, B469, B470, B471, B472, B473, B478, B482, B484, B486, B487, B488, B490, B494, B497, B507, B509, B515, B516, B517, B531, B862, B864, B866, B877, B878, B879, B880, B882, B883, B884, B889, B890, B920, B936, B1149, C445, C457, C718, C721, C1135, E501, L700, R329, S771, T475.
Coombe, Thomas, the elder B862.
Coombe, Thomas, the younger B862.
Cooper (née Edwards), Mary Anne (b.1792) C527.
Cooper, Nicholas B550.
Cooper, O. St J. P92.
Cooper, Robert (1839) B483.
Cooper, W.D. (1787) T79.
Cooper family B498.
Coote, A. H258.
Coote, Robert (167581) B507.
Copeland, William John (1839) W209.
Copley, I. V161.
Copson, John (1730) S612.
Copson, Richard P659, S612. (1704) B925.
Coquebert, Simon D433.
Cork, John B467.
Corneford, Edward (1627) C1186.
Corneford, Richard C1186.
Corney, Bolton (1871) K4.
Cornwallis, Hon. Frederick, Abp (d.1783) (1777) L497. (1778) L498.
Cottam, Eliza Letitia (née Ironside) S428, W185, W187.
Cottam, F. W185.
Cottam, Robert T220.
Cottam, William T13.
Cotterel, William (bookplate) I66.
Cotterell, Moses (1694) A202.
Cottinggrigius, Johannes C235.
Cotton, Charles (donor) C1197. (1920) E516. (1938) A509. (1939) B605.
Cotton, R. A15.
Cotton, Robert B126.
Cotton, Robert H.A. E516.
Counsell, William & Margaret (1776) B576.
Count, J.B.P. P94.
Court of Arches, Inn of Masters M491.
Court of Arches Library H6.
Coveney, Robert (d.1840) B603, C532.
Coward's Trustees, Gift of (binding stamp) H67.
Cowie, John (bookplate) L648.
Cowie, Morgan (bookplate) K30.
Cowley, Thomas H113.
Cowper, B. Harris (stamp) C1319, D514, R306, W462.
Cowper, J.M. D514. (1892) W462.
Cowper, M. (1721) D547.
Cox, Henry Wain D457.
Cox, Miss W338.
Coxe, Theophilus (1653?) C86.
Cranfield, L.S.W. (d.1956?) C1277, G104, H250, O231.
Cranford, Robert (1718) B872, B874.
Cranford, Robert Flatman (1723) P535.
Cranford, Thomas B874.
Cranke, John (1734) L501.
Cranke, Samuel D354.
Crank family (16861723) B532.
Cranmer, Thomas (not Abp) L481.
Cranmer, Thomas, Abp B690.
Cranmerus W321.
Crashaw, Thomas (17th century) M119, M679.
Crastall (?) R326.
Crawford Library H69.
Craye, Henry N210.
Credington Library (1843) E513.
Cressefre, Gilbert (1581?) B491.
Cresswell, Anne S289.
Crewe, Jo. (17th century) A436, S285.
Cripps C529.
Crispe, Henry B1405.
Croke, John (1583) C95.
Cronsing, Jo. N9.
Cross, Edward (1709) L479.
Crossley, Ja. (1880) M281.
Crouch, William D539.
Crutwell, Clement (1815) B469, B471, C445.
Cugley, David (18th century) W172.
Culley, Nicholas & Sarah (1726/7) W471.
Cullinge, William L507.
Cullum, John Edward G263.
Cullum, Marion Eliza (née Smith) R30, S428.
Culsha (?) W53.
Culsha, Mary A197.
Cumming, Hugh S1025.
Cunyngham, Ro. H487.
Curner, Frances Mary Richardson (bookplate) K69.
Curnock, Nehemiah C513.
Curteis, T. (1805) H415.
Curterius, Jo. (1565) G75.
Curtis, J.A. J11.
Curtis, Joseph (1778) P196.
Cutler, Henry W567.
Cutler, Thomas (1676) C1043.

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