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Earle, Aug. B890.
East, J. L234.
East, William S780.
East India Company (binding) C528.
Eaton, J. (1825) A73.
Eaton, Richard (bookplate) C517.
Eaton, Sarah (1787) L33.
Eberhard, Georgius Ioann. (bookplate) G456, L694.
Eccleston, Thomae B446.
Eddrup, Edward Paroissien (bookplate) J205.
Eden, Frederick (1810) M644.
Eden, Sir Frederick F208.
Eden, R. (donor, 1857) A88.
Edey, H.S. (stamp, donor) J42.
Edgecombe, James (1730) L600.
Edwardes, Richard (1609) C722.
Edwards, Edward L475.
Edwards, Elizabeth O66.
Edwards, G. B1401.
Edwards, John (b. 1769) C527.
Edwards, Richard C527.
Egan, John F25, L445.
Egerton, William, Canon of Canterbury (d.1738) P544.
Eglesfield, Jo. C1035.
Egmont, John Percival, Earl of (bookplate) M321.
Eistman, Franz Karl B629.
Elderton, John (177?) B798.
Elearle (?) (1871) L96.
Elham Parish Library, Kent: see: Warly, Lee
Eliot, Sir John, Bart E558.
Elliott, C.I. F342.
Elliott, Elizabeth (1747) D101.
Elliott, Maria H. B1639.
Ellis, A. Smith (1841) P348.
Ellis, Frederick S. (donor) C274. (1882) C270, J212, O60, P545, S957. (1884) C268.
Ellis, John (1783) H278, H286. (1790) C868.
Ellison, John C120.
Elstob, Charles, Canon of Canterbury (d.1721) (1711) H24, T213.
Elstobius, Gulielmus A434.
Elwyn, Wm. B. (1857) S1119.
Elyott, Edmund L731.
Emerson, Geo. (1629) B438.
Emmerich, Convent of St Agnes H620.
Endrige, Sir John L215.
Enfield, Thomas Z5.
Enfield, W. O15.
Eoma, A. Albert D7.
Erbech, Aschill (1672) S189.
Erskine, Lady Anne Agnes B1149.
Euyon, Constance S150.
Evans, R.W. (1832) B1586.
Evans, William (stamp) B1134, B1309.
Eve, Elizabeth (1717) M589.
Eve, John M589.
Eveleigh, John E635.
Exeter College, Oxford S1001.
Eyre, B. (1773) H540.
Eyre, D. (1763) K12.
Eyre, Francis (bookplate) E63.
Eyre, Joseph B244, J198, M656, S283.
Eyries, M. A16.

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