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F., P.D. P715.
F., T. R356.
Faber, Johann Georg (1755) C398.
Fabricius, I. Ludovicius D55.
Fagge, James G554.
Fagge, John E521.
Fairbrass, Felix (1853) G314.
Fairman, John Benjamin (17951880) B501.
Fairman, John Benjamin (b.1836) B501.
Fanshawe, Althea (bookplate) W166.
Farington, Mary M589.
Farmer, Mary S746.
Farmer, R. B883, B1148.
Fausset, Br. (1773) R269.
Feazar, Ann S963.
Fell, John W347.
Felt, J.H.N. (1827) E623.
Fenn, Jn. (1770) W272.
Fenn, Nicholas F53.
Ferber, Wilhelm (1754) A241.
Ferrar, Thomas (alias Oxford) M121.
Ferrier, Elizabeth (1703/4) S517.
Fetherstonhaugh, Matthew S142.
Ffarington, Robert (stamp) D240.
Ffordd, John (1648) B478.
Ffordd, Sarah B478.
Fidge, Thomas (donor) (c1662) H343. (1674) B889.
Fieubet, Paul (1642) H476.
Fillingham, William (bookplate) L34.
Finch, A. and M. (bookplate) A315, A369, K58, O138, P304.
Finch, Anne (bookplate) (1749) A181, H358. (1761) H357, H629. (1764) H631.
Finch, Arthur (1881) B919.
Finch, Edward (armorial bookplate) H629.
Finn (?) (1868) J156.
Firthbank, William E532.
Fishenden, Thomas L17.
Fisher, Geoffrey Francis, Abp (d.1972) S837.
Fisher, John L705.
Fisher, R.P. (donor) F327, M527.
Fitch, Jane (1777) F249.
Fitzmaurice, John Henry (1782) H604.
Fitzroy, Augustus Henry, Duke of Grafton: see: Grafton, Augustus Henry Fitzroy, Duke of
Flamsteed, Mrs (19th century) R393.
Fleetwood (?) (donor) P19.
Fleetwood, Elizabeth P106.
Fleurieu(?), Chevalier de (bookplate) L675.
Flexman, R. (early 18th century) B1553, P225.
Florian, Petrus Declarus B447.
Flowers, Field (1811) H648.
Flud (?), John F290.
Foade, Matthew, of Yalding D35.
Foat, Jesse (1783) B483.
Fogge, Elisabeth W368.
Folkestone Public Library (donor, 1964) P645.
Foord, Alice M. (donor, 1966) B532.
Ford, Giles (1608) H55.
Forde (?) G323.
Forge, John G6.
Forster, Archdeacon T180, T182.
Forster, Charles (bookplate, 1871) A15, A165, A306, A442, B288, B376, B829, B840, B853, B1172, B1401, B1418, C276, D103, D111, G9, G148, G483, H302, H314, H428, H828, H892, I70, J57, J206, K130, K138, K150, L521, L633, M110, M155, M325, M531, M556, M644, M650, N196, O19, P506, P508, R127, R154, R494, S641, S1173, U7, V109, V110, W35, W232, Y35.
Forster, Edward, jr W451.
Forster, Jane (1727) R185.
Forster, John (1727) R185.
Forster, Laura (1834) F51, F53.
Forth, J. (1693) B650, C709.
Forth, William (1646) B979.
Forynson, James C894.
Fosner, Mr N221.
Foster, Mrs A185.
Foster, G. (1620) C1112. (1622) M369. (1623) V41.
Foster, John W455.
Foster, Thomas (Churchwarden, Penshurst) C534.
Foster, W. L630, P418.
Foucault, Nicolai Joseph (bookplate) G553.
Fowle, F.W. (bookplate) B641.
Fowler, Chap. I54.
Fowler, W.W. (1888) B1403.
Fownes, Joseph (bookplate, 1790) B475.
Fox, Henry M. B824.
Fox, Sarah (1727) B1329.
Fox, Susanna (1689) F205.
Foyle, W. & G. (donors, 1931) C468.
Frampton, J.S. (1867) L287.
Frampton, Mrs T.S. (donor, 1923) B955, B1058, D451, L287, R115, S1030, W120.
France, royal family (monogram H) C1322.
France, royal library (duplicate stamp) L301.
Francis, Hen. (1716) H667.
Francis, J.I. D407.
Francis, John (1764) L477.
Francis, Revd John (bookplate) B1508, C1097, S183, W272.
Francis, Thomas (1855) D407.
Frankfurt, `Schola Reformata Fridericiana' (bookplate) H125.
Frankfurther, A. (donor, 1930) T266.
Frans, Mr & Mrs (donors) D329.
Freake, Joannes B513.
Frederick, Sir Charles (bookplate, 1752) G202.
French, Richard T H644.
Frend, Richard (1790) C141, C142, C144.
Frerot, G. (1678) M269.
Frewen, Thomas (stamp) L236.
Fryer, B.J. (donor, 1967) W576.
Fryer family W576.
Fuller(?), Winnifred B1237.
Fuller, John B1384.
Fuller, S. R32.
Furley, George (donor, 1882) H716.
Furley, Robert (bookplate, 1829) B197, D63.
Furly, Richard (1651) E427, J66.
Fytche, de Thorpe Hall (bookplate) B1058.

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