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K., G.A. (stamp) B373.
K., R. A475.
Kamp, Georg (1727) J67.
Kappius, Joannes Christianus (1782) E500.
Keall, W. (1802) H235.
Kearney, H. H642, H645.
Keate, Jno P681.
Kecke (?) (1830) B1463.
Keddell, Ambrose M417.
Kellen, Mrs(?) V39.
Kemp, Jack W. (donor, 1984) N34.
Kendall, John Ward (bookplate) C404.
Kennedy, William C345, C348.
Kennett, G.H.G. (donor, 1943) E57.
Kennett, Sarah (1755) F214.
Kennett family W576.
Kennicott, Benjamin (donor, 1770) K39.
Kenrick, C. S24.
Kenrick, Cyril C.C. (1934) C471.
Kenrick, E. (1908) C471.
Kenrick, Matthew (bookplate) C471.
Keppel, Frederick, Bp (d.1777) (bookplate) A505, A506, I29.
Kerrill, John L722.
Kilner, John B1414.
Kinch family (1691) B579.
King, A. H407.
King, J. A521.
King family (16951703) B471, B499.
Kingsbury, W. (1761) B897.
Kingsley, G. B691.
Kingston, Felix R216.
Kingston, J. G104.
Kippis, Andrew B974.
Kippis, D. P662.
Kirby, Andrew (1669) J68.
Kirching, Edward G113.
Kirkham, Robert E521.
Kispringhe, Stijnken H620.
Kite, John (1666) C314.
Kitson, Richard (1656) D239. (1660) S272.
Kloremann(?), Edward J67.
Kloss, Dr Georg F.B. (d.1854) (bookplate) C764, E19.
Knap, A.C B1578, B1579.
Knapp, Thomas (bookplate, 1722) J44.
Knight, B. (donor 1996) C462.
Knight, Bridgett (1690) P619.
Knight, Mrs Henry (donor, 1939) A170, C472, P698, R371, W6, W40.
Knight, P. R390.
Knollys, Anna T213.
Knoppe, Jonathan B487.
Knottesford, Francis Fortescue (bookplate) F191, S745.
Knowler, Richard C1225.
Kohly, J. P513.
Königliches StaatsEigenthum (stamp) [duplicate from the Staatliche Bibliothek Dillingen] B1300.
Köpple, Nicolaus (1707) B951.
Krol, Nathanael (1723) Y11.
Kühl, C. R191.
Kulenkamp, L. (1764) F16, V27.
Kynaston, Thomas (bookplate) B417.

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