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Caley, John, 1763-1834
Caley, P.
Camina, F.I., of Eder?, fl. 18th cent.
Candini, Octavius
Canonry. Rot an der Rot
Caprara, Giovanni Battista, 1733-1810
Capuchin friary. Freiburg im Breisgau
Capuchins. Breslau
Capuchins. Caen
Capuchins. Schweidnitz
Capuchins. St Jacques
Caracho, D., fl. 18th cent.
Carne, Charles, fl. 1738
Carpenter, George, Baron, d. 1749
Caruso, J., fl. 1773
Carver, John
Carwood, Elizabeth
Casappius, Joannes Bapt.ista
Catty, Charles, of Midhurst School, fl. 1841
Chalsum, J.
Chapman, J., of Trinity College, Cambridge
Chatto, William Andrew, 1799-1864
Chauvet, Dr
Chernock, St John, fl. 1650
Chinn, H. W., fl. 1919
Chinn, Thomas B., of Lichfield
Cholmondely, Thomas
Christ Church College. Oxford
Christierni, Thomas, fl. 17th cent.
Church of England, Diocese of Exeter
Church Union
Cistercian abbey. Clairmarais
Claessens, Henricus, fl. 1821
Clark, W.
Clark, William
Clarke, Colonel
Clarke, Adam, ca. 1762-1832
Clarke, Alured, 1696-1742
Clarke, Joseph Butterworth Bulmer, d. 1855
Claude, M.
Clay, J.
Clements, Theo., of London, fl. 1729
Colbert, Jean Baptiste, 1619-1683
Colditz, Jacobus Syrbius, fl. 1633
Cole, William, of Kings College, Cambridge
Colerus, Johann Christoph, 1691-1736
Collegium Evangelicum. Augsburg
Collegium Germanicum et Hungaricum. Rome
Collet, J., fl. 19th cent.
Collette, C. H.
Collingwood, William
Collins, Anthony, 1676-1729
Collins, J. P.
Comire, père
Compton, H.
Compton, Henry, Bp, 1632-1713
Congregation de la Mission. Saint Lazare, Paris
Congrégation de la Mission. Chartres, Seminary
Conrad, Johann
Convent of the Most Holy Trinity. Madrid
Cook, J. R., fl. 1953
Cooke, Dr, of Dorset Court, Parliament Street, Westminster
Cotton, Thomas
Cotton, William Charles
Coulletz, Paul, of Metz
Coultham, James, of Lincolns Inn, fl. 1758
Court of Arches. Church of England
Couvent des Récollets. Saint-Germain-en-Laye
Cowdray, John
Cowell, John, fl. 1681
Cowper, Charles, fl. 1801
Cox, John Edmund, 1812-1890
Crespigny, Philip Champion
Crinaeus, Hilldebrandus
Crosse, Elizabeth
Crouchley, J.
Cugley, David
Curzon, George

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