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MacDowall, William, jun., fl. 1803
MacGhee, Robert James, fl. 1841
MacGregor, John
MacGuire, John Heron
Maclanburgh, Samuel
Macquoid, Gilbert S.
Magdalen College. Oxford
Maitland, S. R.
Malcher, Thomas
Mall, Joannes
Mandervelt, Jns, fl. 18th cent.
Mangoens, R. S., fl. 18th cent.
Manley, W.
Manners, Elizabeth
March, William, fl. 1765
Marchurst, W., fl. 1799
Marefoschi, Mario, Cardinal, 1714-1780
Martin, George
Martin, John
Martin, John, .O.P.
Maskell, William, 1814?-1890
Massey, John
Mathias, T. J., fl. 1770
Mattox, W. W.
Mauliverer, John, 1648 or 9-ca. 1711
Maurice, Thomas
Maurist Congregation of St Ouen. Rouen
Mayart, Gerard
Mayer, Johann Friedrich, 1650-1712
Maynard. Sir, John, 1602-1690
Maynard, Joseph
McCorty, Mary, of Poonah, India
McHugh, John, fl. 1790
Meelführer, Friderich Ernest., fl. 18th cent.
Meen, Joshua
Meert, fl. 1769
Melchior, Joseph
Mellini, Domenico, c.1540-c.1610
Mellish, Charles, 1737-1797
Mendham, Anne, 1828
Mendham, J.
Mendham, J., of N. Fernby Yorkshire
Mendham, J., Rev.
Mendham, James
Mendham, John, d.1869
Mendham, Joseph, 1769-1856
Mendham, R.
Mendham, Richard
Mendham, Robert
Mendham, Robert Richard, d. 1857
Mendham, Robert Riland, d. 1857
Mendham, Sophia, 1848
Merewether, Jno.
Metcalfe, Thomas
Metropolitan Library. London
Meyler & Son. booksellers : Bath
Meynell, George
Michiels, Captain
Michiels, J. G., Capitaine
Middleton, Tho:, fl. 18th cent.
Miercurea-Ciuc Monastery, Library
Miller, William
Milles, Jeremiah, 1714-1784
Millington, Thomas, of Gosfield Hall
Minims. Religious order : Castrosene
Minims. Religious order : Convent of St Roch, Toulouse
Minoch, Justinian
Missy, César de, 1703-1775
Moehsen, J. W., of Helmstedt
Molyneux, Diana
Monasterium S. Mattiae
Monastery of St Verena. Rot an der Rot
Montague, Viscount
Moore, Patrick Bruce
Moralejo, D.
More, Henry
More, Thomas, fl. late 17th cent.
Mores, Edward Rowe, 1730-1778
Moris, Paulus de
Mornie, James
Moscona, Fernando
Moss, James William
Moss, Joseph William, 1803-1862
Moule, John, of Oxford Street
Mulder, Jo., of Leiden, fl. 1793
Mungwall, John
Murphy, Joannes, Bishop of Cork, fl. 1772-1847
Musgrave, fl. 18th cent.
Musgrave, William

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