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N., G.S. (1551) C1306.
N., M. (binding) B453, T343. (1685) S188.
Naisby, E. (1717) H521.
Nares, Edward(?) (bookplate) C317.
Nares, R. (1802) B44. (1807) T352.
Nash, Giles (1667) B503.
Nasmith, Jacob (1771) W56.
Nayler, Sir George P105.
Naylor, J. G503.
Nedham, Marchamont N27.
Nedriff, Daniel B555.
Nelson, Thomas (1654) H131.
Nether, George B880.
Neurembergh, Willam van (1676) M455.
Newcastle, John Holles, third Duke of (d.1711) (bookplate) B561, N211.
Newcomb, Thomas (1651) M436.
Newcome, Tho. (Shenley, Herts) T113.
Newdigate, Elizabeth (1724) H33, T420.
Newdigate, Richard (bookplate: 1709) T59.
Newhouse, T.P. P293.
Newler, Mary A175.
Newman, Dorset B499.
Newman, John & Dorothea B499.
Newman, Mary (1688) D507.
Newnham, Anne T193.
Newport, Richard I57.
Newsham, Thomas J209.
Newsum, Arthur C. (bookplate) J243.
Newton, William B1516.
Newtymber parish C722.
Nicholl, Alexander (1817) G264.
Nichols, Charles(?), of Adisham(?) C77.
Nichols, L.M. L182.
Nichols, John A171.
Nicholson, Mrs (donor, 1970) M388.
Nicholson, Nicholas (1660) G256, H315.
Nickoll, Henry, Barham, Kent (stamp) K137.
Nicol, George (1814) B487.
Nicoll, Alexander S208.
Nicoll, Henry, the younger K137.
NiederAltaich, Ioscius, Abbot of, (bookplate, 1733) D103.
Nijmegen T411.
Noble (?) (1773) H661.
Noble, G. (vendor, 1967) P427.
Noble, Jo. (1707) I77.
Nonnius, Ludovicus, Antwerp, Capuchin Fathers J28.
Norbery, Elizabeth (1665) B483.
Norbery, John (1664) B483.
Nordram, A.W. (1851) T413.
Norgate, Edward C452.
Norgate, Robert B510.
Norris, Samuel (c.1730) C1187, H366.
North, Charles, Lord (d.1666) S963, S964.
North, Frederick, 5th Earl of Guilford (armorial bookplate) H404, S173, S959, S969, T23, W499.
North, G. P671.
North, Thomas C82, C84, C89.
North, William, 6th Baron North (bookplate, 1703) C811, D311, S963.
Northe, Henry C1112.
North Ferriby Parish C640.
Northiam, J. Rooses B1384.
Northmundum Church (1561) E532.
Norton, Ellen B235.
Norville, J. (1697) T289.
Norwich, St Swithin's Church B475.
`Notre Dame de bono auxilio dicto de grangia'(?), convent C1080.
Nottingham, A. P194.
Nowell, Thomas A299, B1684, M69, S114, S180, V155. (1705/6) T407. (1707) C888. (1710) G502, R73.
Nowlan, John W172.
Nugent, Sir George (bookplate) R249.
Nunn, Robert F60.
Nutt, J.W. B917.
Nyon, `Seminarii Suessionensis' A236.

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