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O., G. C455.
Oakeshott, Edward (1721) L614.
Oakley, C. L. (1937) H215.
O'Bryen, Morough (bookplate) C146.
O'Connell, G. (1803) B532.
O'Connell family (18141834) B532.
Octling, Jesuit College (1703) C1036.
Odescalchij, Marcus Aurelius R389.
Offord, John C1024.
Ogle, Robert (bookplate) M240.
O'Hagan, A. Greenwood (donor, 1939) H294, L476, S781.
Oldfield (?) D390.
O'Leary, Arthur O46.
Olenschlager, Johann Daniel von O47.
Olerion, Reuben (1759?) B556.
Olliff, William (bookplate) B1657.
Omnivado, Henry de, Library of the Martyr J28.
Onslow, A. B340.
Onslow, Rt Hon. Arthur (binding label) B275. (1768) B476.
Ordway, Ann B64.
Orsey, Aspray (?) C71.
Osborne, John (1740) M526.
Otter, William (bookplate, 1840) M614.
Otway, James M524.
Outram, William O161.
Owen, Edward (1695) H675.
Owen, I. B637, B711, B822, C467, S760.
Owen, Octavius Freire (bookplate) L704.
Owyn, Jonas (Rushington, Wootton) B516. (1668) B889.
Oxford University: see: under names of individual colleges etc.
Oxinden, Henry, of Barham (d.1670) A162, A388, A432, B8, B20, B21, B102, B157, B260, B449, B1303, B1353, B1373, B1494, B1515, B1637, B1644, C109, C199, C246, C312, C373, C383, C409, C417, C744, C873, C1035, C1151, C1270, D78, D79, D230, D330, D339, D369, D410, D537, D559, E41, E78, E120, E204, E227, E244, E396, E407, E440, E452, E461, E567, H587, E617, E641, F183, G51, G100, G246, G428, G455, G511, G532, G549, H4, H9, H52, H310, H370, H373, H606, H619, H635, H647, H777, H789, H795, H841, J40, J86, J97, J202, J244, K147, K159, K160, L32, L124, L447, L643, M24, M75-9, M186, M197, M245, M276, M295, M511, M512, N157, N210, O164, P12, P185, P271, P273, P275, P346, P469, P499, P713, P736, P752, R19, R22, R82, R277, R403, R407-9, R441, R456, S118, S122, S175, S286, S318, S330, S349, S516, S803, S932, S1183, T3, T10, T199, T228, T422, U27, V85, V115, V133, W205, W220, W222, W224, W226, W331, W365, W366, W379, W460, W466, W540. (1624) G460. (1626) N10. (1627) H589. (1630) J208. (1632) F93, F288, M581. (1633) F245, H760, W378. (1634) B25, B1074, D35, G103, M128, M246, S128. (1636) C1260. (1637) P722, P724. (1640) S250. (1648) B356. (1650) W319. (1651) S126. (1660) C77. (1662) K123, W243. (1663) A260, C484. (1664) N27.
Oxinden, Katherine C1260, E567, V115. (1654) P499.
Oxinden, Katrine U27.
Oxinden, Margaret S175.
Oxinden, Mary G511, J40. (1653) R408.
Oxney P338.

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