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Dubrovnik May 2007

Dubrovnik Libraries, Dubrovnik, Croatia

The European Manuscript & Hand Press Book Heritage: The role of the Consortium of European Research Libraries (CERL)

Znanstvena knjiznica (Research Library), Dubrovnik
31 May 2007, 9.00 am

The aim of the Seminar was to raise interest for and use of the Hand Press Book Database (HPB) and CERL’s services in the region, with the information on CERL’s future developments promote the use of the HPB and manuscript portal to scholars and researchers invite libraries in the region to contribute to the HPB for everyone’s benefit.
PowerPoint files for some of the presentations are available below for downloading.


Welcome: Mr.sc. Vesna Cucic, Director of the Dubrovnik Libraries, Dubrovnik; Dr David J. Shaw, Consortium of European Research Libraries
Drs Marian Lefferts (CERL Executive Manager): Introduction to CERL and its Services: The State of the Art and Future Developments (PowerPoint 76 Kb)
Mr Alexander Jahnke (Data Conversion Group, Göttingen): CERL Thesaurus: Its Use and Prospects (Powerpoint 508 Kb). To return to the CERL website, use the Back-button of your browser.
Dr Zoran Velagic (Faculty of Philosophy, University of Osijek): HPB as the Source for Early Modern Book History
Coffee break
Mr Ivan Boserup (Royal Library, Copenhagen): CERL Portal and Assisted Searching (PowerPoint 218 Kb)
Dr Ingrid Svensson (National Library of Sweden, Stockholm): Ediffah: an Infrastructure for Cataloguing and Searching Archival Collections at Swedish Research Libraries
Ms Senka Tomljanovic (University Library, Rijeka): Building of Rare book Collection at the University Library of Rijeka in the Digital Age (PowerPoint 7.65 Mb). To return to the CERL website, use the Back-button of your browser.
Dr Irena Galic (National and University Library, Zagreb): Manuscript Collections in the National and University Library, Croatia PowerPoint 15.6 Mb)
Mr.sc. Vesna Cucic (Dubrovnik Libraries, Dubrovnik): Manuscripts in the Special Collections of the Research Library, Dubrovnik (PowerPoint 14.7 Mb). To return to the CERL website, use the Back-button of your browser.
Dr David Shaw (CERL’s Company Secretary): Books and Their Owners: CERL and Provenance Research (PowerPoint 1.95 Mb)
Discussion and closing of the Seminar
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