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CERL workshop in Warsaw


Wednesday 14 January 2009, 11.30 am

Papers in English (with the consecutive translation into Polish)

  1. Marian Lefferts/David Shaw, The Consortium of European Research Libraries : its mission and resources.
  2. Marian Lefferts, The HPB Database (Heritage of the Printed Book)
    • cataloguing with HPB
    • file handling
    • contributing data
  3. Marian Lefferts, The CERL Thesaurus as a tool for the history of the book
    • multi-lingual names for places, authors, printers, owners
    • printers devices
    • assisted searching in the HPB and the CERL Portal
  4. David Shaw, Provenance research:
    • the CERL web site
    • provenance data in the CERL Thesaurus
    • ongoing work at Canterbury Cathedral Library
  5. Round table: How can the Polish colleagues contribute to CERL.

Thursday 15 January 2009, 8.30 am.

Papers in Polish

  1. Weronika Karlak, (Library of University of Wroclaw), Silesiaca of the 16th to 18th century in the collection of the Library of University of Wroclaw – local typographical production as a source to the regional research.
  2. Renata Wilgosiewicz-Skutecka (Library of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan), Early printed masonica in the Library of Adam Mickiewicz University.
  3. Marianna Czapnik (University of Warsaw Library), From the card file to database. Provenace research in the University of Warsaw Library.
  4. Joanna Potęga, Maria Brynda (National Library), Early printed books in the National Digital Library “Polona”.

For further information, contact Monika Cornell.

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