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Incunabula Working Group


MEI Editors work towards the insertion into Material Evidence in Incunabula database of high quality data relating to the copy specific of incunabula, either book in hand, or by transferring into the database information from printed or electronic catalogues.

A group of Advisers is in place for consultation on the ongoing development and growth of the database, and its integration with other existing incunabula databases.

Meetings in 2020

Incunabula Working Group meeting – 5th meetingNotes from the meetingFriday 11 September -
Incunabula Working Group meeting – 4th meetingNotes from the meetingFriday 11 SeptemberPaper
Incunabula Working Group meeting – 3rd meetingNotes from the meetingThursday 6 August-
Incunabula Working Group meeting – 2nd meeting Notes from the meetingThursday 2 July-
Incunabula Working Group meeting Notes from the meetingWednesday 27 MayPaper


MEI Editors

The list of MEI editors can be found here.

Members only

Members please click here for details of meetings, documents, etc.

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