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Provenance Working Group


Group members are individually involved in projects relating to the production of, and access to, records with provenance information, and their integration. The Group is:

  • working on the extraction of provenance information from HPB and the CERL Portal
  • promoting the integration of provenance records into the CERL Thesaurus
  • advising libraries which want to make their provenance records accessible internationally via the Cerl Thesaurus
  • mapping vocabularies describing provenance
  • mapping Unimarc/MARC21 provenance fields
  • supporting scholars' provenance research via the Can You Help website
  • making available to everybody in the CERL website scholarly research such as Meg Ford and Paul Needham's databases
  • encouraging scholars to make their research available on the CERL website
  • keeping the scholarly community informed of the latest projects in the CERL Online Provenance Resources.


Members only

Members please click here for details of meetings, documents, etc.

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