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252 Current Location and Shelfmark

Mandatory Repeatable Editable


This metadata element records the institution that currently holds the described copy and the copy's current shelfmark within that institution.


  • Indicator 1: # undefined (blank)
  • Indicator 2: # undefined (blank)


  • $a (O;NR) Holding Institution
  • $b (O;NR) Collection
  • $j (O;NR) Shelfmark
  • $p (O;NR) Country of Holding Institution
  • $y (O;NR) Note on Shelfmakr/Holding

Input Conventions

  • $a contains the full name of the institution, followed by the abbreviation as used in ISTC in square brackets. Within the MEI record editor, this field is supported by an autocomplete function, which helps the editor to use a name form consistently.
  • $b holds the name of the division of the holding library if there is any.
  • $j the full shelfmark is given in order to ensure that the copy can unambigiously be identified. This data element contains the current shelfmark as used by the holding institution as indicated in $a. Historic shelfmarks can be described in field 395 Note on Historic Shelfmark
  • $p the country of the holding institution as a 2-letter code from the ISO 3166 code list.
  • $y any note related to the current holding of the described item.
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