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392 Manuscript Notes Note

Mandatory Repeatable Editable
noonly one occurrence per ownership descriptionyes


Description of handwritten notes found in the copy as evidence for ownership.


  • Indicator 1: # undefined (blank)
  • Indicator 2: # undefined (blank)


  • $6 (M;NR) Evidence Sequence Indicator
  • $a (O;NR) Note
  • $b (O;NR) Frequency of occurrence
  • $c (O;NR) Type of manuscript notes

Input Conventions

  • The evidence sequence indicator in $6 groups all chunks of information that describe the evidence for a specific ownership. All fields with an identical subfield $6 within a record describe the same ownership.
  • Subfield $b records the frequency by which the handwritten notes occur in the copy by one single-character code.
    • a occasional
    • b a few
    • c several
    • d throughout
    • e extensive
  • Subfield $c contains up to 13 codes from the following list. Codes are left-assigned and unused code positions are omitted.
    • a corrections
    • b completions
    • c supplements
    • d extraction of key words
    • e collation
    • f translation
    • g structuring the text
    • h comments
    • i censorship
    • k reading marks (underlining and pointing hands)
    • l drawings
    • m corrections by the printer
    • n lecture notes
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