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712 Former Owner (Corporate Body)

Mandatory Repeatable Editable


A corporate body associated with the description of the ownership of the described copy. Typically a former owner.


  • Indicator 1: | undefined (fill-character)
  • Indicator 2: | undefined (fill-character)


  • $3 (O;NR) CERL Thesaurus Id
  • $4 (O;NR) Relator Code
  • $6 (M;NR) Evidence Sequence Indicator
  • $9 (O;NR) Other Information
  • $a (M;NR) Name
  • $f (O;NR) Dates of Existence
  • $x (O;NR) Coded Information

Input Conventions

  • The evidence sequence indicator in $6 groups all chunks of information that describe the evidence for a specific ownership. All fields with an identical subfield $6 within a record describe the same ownership.
  • Corporate Body Names are taken from the CERL Thesaurus and should always be linked to authority records within MEI. The database's editing feature provides a mean to add an owner's name to the CERL Thesaurus from within MEI, if not yet present.
  • The relator code in subfield $4 is taken from the following list:
    • 020 Annotator
    • 160 Bookseller
    • 320 Donor
    • 390 Former Owner
    • 399 Present Owner
    • 570 Role not specified
  • Subfield $x consists of 3 code positions, all of which must be filled. The first of these code positions must always hold the value 'x' (to ensure compatibility with the use of this subfield in 702 Former Owner (Person)).
    • c/p1 Characterization
      • a no characterisation/lay
      • b religious
      • c Aristocracy
      • d Royalty
      • u unknown
    • c/p2 Type of Insitution
      • a religious institution
      • b university
      • h business
      • n academy
      • o booktrade
      • p school
      • q municipality
      • r library
      • u unknown
  • Subfield $9 may contain any addition, note or explanation to the name of the corporate body recorded.
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