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In order for CERL to be able to sustainably host your data, there are a few scenarios.

  • a) you plan to use data hosted by CERL, and want to annotate that data with your own data elements. You are writing a funding proposals to get funding for this project. In that case, it would be good if you contacted CERL. We can offer a data entry environment that is similar to the PATRIMONIT database, but tailored with the data fields that you need for your own annotations. There is a fee for setting up the database, and an annual fee for some database support that you might need in the years that your project is running. After your project has ended the data will continue to be made available by CERL.
  • b) your library has a stand-alone database with bibliographical records or data related to printed books which they prefer would be hosted externally. Feel free to contact CERL. Depending on the content of your database, and the format of the data, we may be able to set up a database in our Elastic Search environment, similar to what we have done for the Incunabula Short-Title Catalogue. It is possible to provide a form-based editing environment. CERL charges an annual fee, which covers around 2 weeks of development work. A programme of work is agreed annually.
  • c) databases that are not in MARC or PICA+, with flexible or non-standard data structures or without a rigidly applied data model, are much harder for us to process. If you have a database with data that is relevant to the hand-press period, which you would like CERL to host, we would still be happy to hear from you. But, we would need to explore very carefully what data you are offering, how we can fit in into existing CERL structures and/or databases, and how we are going to fund and schedule the work. Together we might find a way of writing the costs for this work into a funding proposal, for example.

Setting up your database

The costs of having your database hosted at CERL, are made up of a number of elements. Together, we will explore which of the following work is required.

  • Requirements Engineering
  • Data modelling
  • Data conversion
  • Customisation of data presentation
  • Interface
  • Output/Download formats
  • Providing editing facilities
  • Indexing
  • User support and training

After it is clear what needs doing to ensure the best possible presentation of your data, CERL will provide you with a quote.

Annual fee

Once your database is at CERL, there will be an annual hosting fee. This fee is used to maintain the database hosting environment.

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