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News 2006


British Library Catalogue of English Incunables
CERL is pleased to welcome the publication of volume XI of the Catalogue of Books Printed in the Fifteenth-Century now in the British Library. This volume, which presents the books printed in England up to 1500, was prepared by CERL’s former Secretary, Dr Lotte Hellinga. Publication was marked by a one-day international conference at the British Library on Monday, 11 December. The publisher, HES & DE GRAAF Publishers BV, can be contacted at http://www.hesdegraaf.com/hes/.

CERL’s latest newsletter is available here: CERL Newsletter December 2006.

CERL cancels its ESTC subscription
In previous years, CERL took out a subscription to the English Short Title Catalogue (ESTC, formerly Eighteenth Century Short Title Catalogue) which members could access at RLG in addition to the Hand Press Book Database. At the Annual General Meeting in November of this year, the members agreed to cancel CERL’s subscription to the ESTC, now that the ESTC is available online, free of charge and with no requirement for passwords. The new free version of the ESTC database is available at the British Library's website http://estc.bl.uk.


CERL Seminar, 10 November 2006, National Széchényi Library, Budapest
This year’s Seminar was on the theme ‘Imprints and owners: Recording the cultural geography of Europe’. The speakers were

Mr Ádám Hegyi (University of Szeged)
Dr István Monok (National Széchényi Library, Budapest)
Dr Marianne Rozsondai and Dr Béla Rozsondai (Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest)
Mrs Gunilla Jonsson (Kungliga Biblioteket, Stockholm) and Mr Tony Curwen (Aberystwyth)
Mr Alexander Jahnke (Data Conversion Group, SUB Göttingen)
Dr Kristian Jensen (British Library)

Further details can be found here.

Call for papers - ETD2007 10th International Symposium on Electronic Theses and Dissertations
Uppsala, Sweden, 13-16 June 2007 ETD2007 - Added Value for E-theses This meeting offers scope for an exchange of experience and consolidation of cooperation in the field of electronic theses and dissertations at local, national and international levels. Under the general theme ‘Added Value for E-theses’, ETD 2007 is organised around two main themes: ‘Integrating ETDs with institutional processes and practices’ and ‘Value added services’. The themes of the conference call for reflection on opportunities for joint efforts among various players in the production and information chain, both inside and outside our universities.

The Conference Committee invites for the submission of papers and posters in all areas relevant to Electronic Theses and Dissertations, including but not limited to:

  • Integrating e-theses into local services (student portals, educational portals and platforms, research databases, electronic prepublication processes).
  • Integrating e-theses into the research process (i.e., linking with research projects etc.).
  • Integrating e-theses in national and international services (syndication, OAI-PMH, discovery services, syntactic and semantic interoperability).
  • Local practices regarding e-theses.
  • Linking ETDs with related material such as data sets, statistics, multimedia.
  • Long-term preservation.
  • Business models and sustainability.
  • Enhancing graduate education through ETD programs.
  • Enhancing graduate knowledge about intellectual property (copyrights, patents, plagiarism policies).
  • Improving scholarly communication globally through ETDs.

Important dates: 15 November 2006 - First call for papers 15 January 2007 - Registration opens 15 February 2007 - Final deadline for submission of abstracts of papers and posters 15 March 2007 - Notification of acceptance 15 May 2007 - Deadline for final paper submission 13-16 June 2007 - ETD Conference 2007

Author guidelines: instructions for submission will be updated on the conference website. For early submission, contact: etd2007@ub.uu.se. Accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings and the electronic version of the contributions also will be available from the conference website.

CERL Publications
CERL announces the publication of three new publications:

  • CERL Papers VI - Many into one: problems and opportunities in creating shared catalogues of older books. Papers presented on 11 November 2005 at the CERL Seminar hosted by the Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale, Rome (London, Consortium of European Research Libraries, 2006). ISBN 0-9541535-5-3.
  • John Michael Smethurst, Bibliography & Essays with Postscript (Ann Matheson, ed). CERL Occassional Publications I (London, Consortium of European Research Libraries, 2006). (No ISBN.)
  • Hilse, Hans-Werner and Jochen Kothe, Implementing Persistent Identifiers. Overview of concepts, guidelines and recommendations. ([London, Amsterdam]: Consortium of European Research Libraries and European Commission on Preservation and Access, 2006). ISBN 90-6984-508-3. Identifier urn:nbn:de:gbv:7-isbn-90-6984-508-3-8 (resolving service http://nbn-resolving.de).

All CERL members will receive copies of these publications. Non-members can order direct from CERL’s London office or through your bookseller.

Hand Press Book Database reaches 2,000,000 records
CERL is very pleased to announce that staff at OCLC have just completed a file load which takes the size of the database to over two million records. Work which is planned for 2007 should increase this total to three million records. The HPB Database can be accessed by all members of CERL and their users. It is also available for short-term cataloguing projects: for details please contact the CERL Secretariat (secretariat@cerl.org).

Hosting of Hand Press Book Database by OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc
The Consortium of European Research Libraries is pleased to announce that negotiations have recently been satisfactorily concluded with OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc. for the hosting of the Consortium’s Hand Press Book (HPB) Database with effect from 1 October 2006, following on from the combining of RLG, the previous database host, and OCLC from 1 July 2006. For the time being, the Hand Press Book Database will continue to be hosted in Mountain View, California, and will be migrated to Dublin, Ohio, at a future point to be announced. More information regarding these transition plans is available at http://www.oclc.org/community/rlg/transitions/default.htm and http://www.rlg.org/en/page.php?Page_ID=20965.
The members of the Consortium of European Research Libraries wish to express their warm appreciation of the long and positive relationship that CERL has enjoyed with RLG and its staff over more than a decade, and they look forward to similarly fruitful and positive co-operation with OCLC and its staff in the coming times.
Should you wish further information, you can contact David Shaw, CERL Secretary, at +44 (0) 20 7970 5642 or secretariat@cerl.org; and OCLC’s Bob Murphy at +1-614-761-5136 or murphyb@oclc.org.


New CERL Member
CERL is pleased to announce that the Academic Library of Tallinn University in Estonia has joined the Consortium as a Full Member. Information about the Library can be found here.

JULY 2006

CERL’s latest newsletter is available here: CERL Newsletter June 2006.

New CERL Member
CERL is pleased to announce that the Biblioteca del Senato della Repubblica in Rome has joined the Consortium as a Full Member. Information about the Library can be found here.

On-line resources for the History of the Book
Half-day seminar at Bibliothèque municipale de Lyon, Thursday 8 June 2006
A report is available about the Seminar, which was hosted by the Bibliothèque municipale de Lyon, in conjunction with the Consortium of European Research Libraries.

JUNE 2006

CERL web site archived
CERL’s web site is now being archived by the UK Web Archiving Consortium as part of its project to record scholarly, cultural and scientific web sites so that they will be available for study in the future. The first archive of the CERL web site was taken on 2 May 2006: http://www.webarchive.org.uk/tep/13938.html. New copies will be added to the archive periodically.

New CERL Members
CERL is pleased to announce that the Università degli Studi di Bologna has joined the Consortium as a Full Member and the Chester Beatty Library in Dublin has joined as a Special Member. Information about the libraries can be found at http://www.biblioteche.unibo.it/ and http://www.cbl.ie/.

RLG and OCLC Combining of Organisations: Hand Press Book (HPB) Database
Following the decision of RLG members announced on Friday 9 June 2006, and the consequent combining of the RLG and OCLC organisations with effect from 1 July 2006, the Consortium of European Research Libraries (CERL) is currently in discussion with RLG and OCLC on the future hosting of the Hand Press Book (HPB) Database, which has been hosted by RLG from 1994. A further announcement will be made in due course.

APRIL 2006

New CERL Member
CERL is pleased to announce that the Bibliothèque nationale de Luxembourg has joined the Consortium as a Full Member. Information about the National Library can be found on its web page (http://www.bnl.lu)

The Books of Venice: A Conference on the Book in Venice, 9-10 March 2007
The Society for the History of Authorship, Reading, and Publishing (SHARP) announces a conference to bring together in Venice scholars of Venice to consider its remarkable role in book history. Download an announcement and call for papers for the conference in English or Italian.

MARCH 2006

A new addition to the Hand Press Book Database
In March 2006, the Hand Press Book Database (HPB) was enriched with 11,308 records from the Antiqua catalogue of the National Széchényi Library, in Hungary. The records contain bibliographic descriptions of 16th-century books in the collection of the National Széchényi Library, by Hungarian authors printed outside Hungary and in languages other than Hungarian. The electronic records are derived from a printed catalogue in three volumes: Catalogus librorum sedecimo saeculo impressorum, qui in Bibliotheca Nationali Hungariae Széchényiana asservantur. Editiones non Hungarice et extra Hungariam impressae. Comp. Elisabetha Soltész, Catharina Velenczei, Agnes W. Salgó. Tom. I-III. Budapestini 1990 - ISBN 963 200 278 4.

This is the first file in XML format that CERL received. It was converted to the HPB’s MARC21 format by CERL’s database host, RLG. A number of Hungarian libraries participate in a shared cataloguing project, the results of which they wish to contribute to the HPB. Details of this collaborative effort were presented at the seminar preceding the CERL Annual General Meeting of November 2005, where Dr Judit Vízkelety-Ecsedy (National Széchényi Library, Budapest) presented a paper by Professor Géza Bakonyi (University of Szeged) Old in the New: The XML Database of the Hungarian Shared Catalogue of Older Books. The paper will be published in CERL Papers VI in November 2006. CERL is currently preparing records from the University Library of Szeged, and very much looks forward to receiving further records from its Hungarian colleagues.

CERL Manuscripts Portal live
In the years 2004 and 2005 CERL ran three pilot projects, testing federated searching facilities for manuscript data available through the internet. Each of the pilots used different search protocols. At the Annual General Meeting of November 2005, CERL members selected the pilot developed by the Electronic Publishing Centre of the University Library of Uppsala (based on the OAI protocol) to be developed into an operational service in 2006 and 2007. Read more about the project and this pilot here. The CERL Manuscripts Portal has now gone live, and currently provides access to descriptions and many digital images of manuscripts and other materials from Sweden, the Czech Republic, the United States of America and Australia. In 2006 more data will be added from other countries and the portal will be further enhanced. Access the CERL Manuscripts Portal here.


Book History Workshop, Lyon, 3 - 6 April 2006
For the fifth edition of its Book History Workshop, organised in collaboration with the Rare Book School, the Lyon-based Institut d’histoire du livre is offering four advanced four-day courses in the fields of book and printing history. Courses on offer this year are:

Tutor: Sandra Hindman (new course, in English)
Tutor: James Mosley (existing course, for the first time in English)
Tutors: Isabelle de Conihout and Pascal Ract-Madoux course in French)

The Book History Workshop is aimed at book and printing historians and at the many other specialists who encounter questions related to book and printing history in the course of their work: researchers, teachers, archivists, librarians, museum curators, antiquarian booksellers, collectors, designers, etc. The courses offered by the Institut d'histoire du livre cover various aspects of the history of the book and graphic communications. Subjects are dealt with from both theoretical and practical points of view through illustrated lectures, discussions and close study of original documents. In addition to Lyons City Library and Museum of Printing which are the principal source of original documents for study. The courses will take place in Lyon from 3rd to 6th April 2005. Classes will be held at the Ecole normale supérieure - lettres et sciences humaines (Lyon) with sessions at the Lyon City Library, the Printing Museum Tuition fee: 450 euros (mid-day meals included). In order to facilitate access to collections of original documents the number of participants is limited to twelve per class. For further information see: http://ihl.enssib.fr/siteihl.php?page=212&aflng=en or contact:

Marie-Noëlle Frachon at mnfrachon@bm-lyon.fr
Colloques scientifiques
Bibliothèque municipale de Lyon
30 bd Vivier-Merle
69431 Lyon cedex 03
Phone: 00 33 04 78 62 18 15
Fax: 00 33 04 78 62 19 49
bibliothèque: http://www.bm-lyon.fr

New CERL Member
CERL is pleased to announce that the Centre for Publishing Studies, University of Stirling (Scotland), has joined the Consortium as a Special Member. This will allow staff on the Centre’s ‘Imaging Orientalism’ project to make better access to the Hand Press Book Database. The project is creating a virtual archive of images which illustrates the West’s attitude to the ‘East’. CERL is very pleased that the HPB is proving to be a very useful tool in this work.

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