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290 Source referred to in a record (O;NR)

Field Definition and Scope

This field contains an abbreviation of a reference work (bibliography, catalogue etc.) where the item or contents of the record have been cited or described. Such abbreviations occuring in records of imprint places, imprint names, corporate names or personal names are resolved in a source reference abbreviation record.

Application of Content Designators


Indicator 1: undefined (blank)

Indicator 2: undefined (blank)


$a Reference work cited in abbreviated form (M;R)

Input Conventions

There should be only one field 290 per record repeating the subfield $a as often as necessary.

When a reference work is cited for a specific variant name it should be given in one of the 4XX fields in subfield $s. Sources specifically relating to the relationship of the given entity to another one should be given in the subfields $s of the 5XX fields accordingly.

When records from CERL members are used for the CT they may not have sources in separate fields (such as 290 and 291). Examples for such a case are found in the ESTC records, where reference works and short titles of works, in which the name of a 2XX is occuring, are all filed in the same field. In this case the CT record will have all this information mapped to field 290.

Repeated fields 290 will be merged into one during ingest.


The field as it is currently used is meant for displaying full-text information only. Since an exact mapping of the field's content would not be possible, it is skipped for the RDF export.


  1. 290 ##$aDiercke$aGeo-Duden$aUrso$aSWD
  2. 290 ##$aBSDNAL$aGK55$aDNB$aNUC$aFES vol.7 p.499-500

Internal Representation

{"data": {"foundIn": ["Source ($a)"]}}

Change History

  • 18.07.2017: After migration of the CT into its new environment, repeated fields are no longer supported and will be merged into one during ingest.
  • 18.07.2017: Indicator position 2 changed to undefined, since as the field is no longer repeatable, it must always accept sources from new records.
  • 18.07.2017: Subfield $6 will no longer be supported, once the CT has been migrated into its new environment.
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