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291 Short title of work, whose imprint is a source for a record (O;R)

Field Definition and Scope

This field contains the short title of a work where the item described by the given record is occuring in the imprint or on the title page.

Application of Content Designators


Indicator 1: undefined (blank)

Indicator 2: Specifies the type of input:

  • 0 Field has been input or corrected by cataloguer and cannot be overwritten in automated updating processes
  • 1 Field has been input by automated addition; review by cataloguer may be necessary


$8 Language code (O;R)
Mandatory to precede the $n subfield. see the description of numerical subfields.

$a Title data (M;NR)
Short title of work cited. The use if ISBD punctuation is recommended.

$n Note (O;R)
Any further information concerning the work mentioned in $a.

$s Source of bibliographical data (O;NR)
An identifier of the work/edition mentioned in subfield $a and the system where this identifier is valid. Currently the following codes are allowed:

System Code System Example
BSBVD16Verzeichnis der im dt. Sprachraum erschienenen
Drucke des 16. Jh.
BSBVD16(VD16 26321)
ESTCEnglish Short Title CatalogueESTC(N031686)
GBVGemeinsamer Verbundkatalog des Gemeinsamen BibliotheksverbundesGBV(ppn349529760)
HPBHeritage of the Printed Book database (CERL)HPB(OCLC no. 168892849)
STCNShort Title Catalogue of the NetherlandsSTCN(ppn102628432)

Input Conventions

When records from CERL members are ingested into the CT they may not have sources in separate fields (such as 290 and 291). Examples for such a case are found in the ESTC records, where reference works and short titles of works, in which the name of a 2XX is occuring, are all filed in the same field. In this case the CT record will have all this information mapped to field 290.


There is currently no mapping of this field's content to RDF.


  1. 291 #0$aKleiner Katechismus der Liebe für Mädchen, 1786
  2. 291 #1$aOoge-salf. / By A.T, 1663$sSTCN(ppn833466224)

Internal Representation

{"data": {"imprintSource": [{
    "title": "Title ($a)",
    "source": "Source ($s)",
    "id": "ID within source ($s)",
    "note": [{
        "lang": "Language code ($8)",
        "text": "Text of note ($n)"

Change History

  • 18.07.2017: Subfields $1 and $6 will no longer be supported once the CT has been migrated to ist new environment.
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