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Sample Letter of Agreement between CERL and File Providers to the HPB database

Formal Letter of Agreement betwe:
the XXXXX Institution and the Consortium of European Research Libraries
for Contribution of Cataloguing Records to the Heritage of Printed Book database.

By signing this letter of agreement the xxxx Institution agrees to contribute its file consisting of cataloguing records of xxxx Institution to the Database of the Heritage of Printed Book, for the duration of the lifetime of the HPB Database. This file shall be referred to as “the Data” throughout the rest of this Letter of Agreement.

The xxxx Institution agrees to allow CERL to mount the Data on the HPB Database and to amalgamate this information with cataloguing files and records from other institutions, into a single Union file which is made available to the scholarly community and libraries throughout the world via telecommunications.

Contribution of the Data to the HPB Database shall not prevent the Institution in any way from using the same Data or any part of the same Data for any other purpose, including its own internal research or any commercial applications in any media.

By signing this letter of agreement the Institution agrees to contribute its Data to the HPB Database for the duration of the lifetime of the HPB Database, and not to withdraw the Data from the Database throughout the lifetime of the Database, without the written agreement of the Consortium.

In view of its contribution of Data to the HPB Database and as long as the Data is still recorded in the HPB Database, the Institution is entitled to obtain at cost from the Consortium a copy of its own Data in the form in which the Consortium holds it on the HPB Database, extracted from the amalgamated cataloguing records of the Database. The Institution may request the Consortium to generate such copies not more frequently than once every five years.

Signed on behalf of the Consortium of Research Libraries by the Chair of the Executive Committee

Signed on behalf of XXXX Institution by Director

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