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FirstSearch now supports Internet Explorer 7

On 12 February 2008, OCLC announced:

FirstSearch now supports IE6 and IE7. OCLC has completed testing and all problems discovered have been resolved.

However when using IE7, you will need to modify your pop-up settings. You can update the pop-up blocker so that wanted sites are listed as trusted sites. For FirstSearch that would be the FirstSearch website and also RefWorks, if RefWorks is used for export.

To allow pop-ups from FirstSearch or from RefWorks (if you are using RefWorks for exporting records) the following changes are needed:

  • In IE, go to: Tools / Popup Blocker / Popup Blocker Settings
  • Then in the area labeled “Allowed Sites”, enter “*.oclc.org
  • If RefWorks is being used, add “*.refworks.com” also
  • Make sure the
    “Require server verification (https: <BLOCKED::https:/ />) for all sites in this zone”
    is unchecked, otherwise you will get a warning
    “Sites added to this zone must use the https:/ /<BLOCKED::https:/ /> prefix”
    • If you get that message, uncheck the required server verification and enter “*.oclc.org” again.
  • Next click on close and OK to exit the menu and close the browser

Now when you open your browser you will find export to RefWorks and other features work.

You may also found it useful to set your security option lower. To do this:

  • make sure all other active applications are shut down, such as Word or Outlook
  • go to Tools / Internet Options / Security / Internet and reset the custom setting to Low or Medium Low. The default level is Medium
  • Then exit out of the menu and close the browser
  • When you start it up again, the new security level will be set

If you have any more questions please contact your network service provider or OCLC Customer Support Department (1-800-848-5800 or support@oclc.org).

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