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Biblioteca Museo das Peregrinacións


Rúa de San Miguel, 4
E15704 Santiago de Compostela.


The “Museo das Peregrinacións” was founded in 1951. A register of books was established in 1980, as a way to secure an accurate control of the holdings, coming at the moment from a repository that belonged to the Confraternity of Apostle Saint James, and from a small collection housed in the museum. Since 1980 the Library holdings increased very slowly (for instance, in 1984 there were 1450 books). It has to be pointed out that the museum closed for several years, until its opening in 1996, when the collection included 3442 volumes. To the present day the library continues to grow, especially thanks to donations and exchanges with different institutions.


The “Museo das Peregrinacións” Library focuses on the history of pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, although there are significant historical, artistic, geographical and archaeological materials that set in within a broader perspective on the role of Galicia and the Iberian Peninsula in the western european context. The library contains some publications on museology, preservation and management of cultural patrimony. A small part of the collection gathers materials offering a thematic approach to Santiago de Compostela´s art and history, but it has to be emphasized that this Library aims to bring together works on the “Camino de Santiago”. Today its holdings include:

  • 5,413 monograph volumes and pamphlets.
  • 135 volumes of different materials
  • 224 current periodicals.

Remedios Pedreira Barros

Opening hours

9:00 to 14:30

Further information

Contact person: Remedios Pedreira Barros
Telephone: 00 34 981581558, 00 34 981555298
Fax: 00 34 981581955
E-mail: informacion@mdperegrinacions.com

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